Laird Lewis

2023 — Charlotte, NC/US
Field in Varsity Lincoln Douglas
14 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Ardrey Kell NC/US Kushal Patil Ardrey Kell KP
Ardrey Kell NC/US Nethra Gopalakrishnan Ardrey Kell NG
Ardrey Kell NC/US Saanvi Dey Ardrey Kell SD
Ardrey Kell NC/US Spencer Walker Ardrey Kell SW
Asheville NC/US Sophie Houck Asheville SH
Charlotte Catholic NC/US Julianna Taylor Charlotte Catholic JT
Charlotte Latin NC/US Anish Thota Charlotte Latin AT
Charlotte Latin NC/US Nishanth Gaddam Charlotte Latin NG
Christopher Columbus FL/US Matthew Moreno Christopher Columbus MM
Christopher Columbus FL/US Nicholas Diaz Christopher Columbus ND
Cuthbertson NC/US Asmi Godbole Cuthbertson AG
East Chapel Hill NC/US Andrew Xu East Chapel Hill AX
School Of Inquiry & Life Sciences At Asheville (SILSA) NC/US Autumn Stoehrel School Of Inquiry & Life Sciences At Asheville (SILSA) AS
Socialle Prep VA/US Alyson Granchi Socialle Prep AG