UIL 26 6A Speech LD

2023 — Austin, TX/US
Field in Prose
13 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Dripping Springs TX/US Alicia Hernandez Dripping Spring Alicia Hernandez
Dripping Springs TX/US Jake Broyles Dripping Spring Jake Broyles
Dripping Springs TX/US Jenna Hall Dripping Spring Jenna Hall
James Bowie TX/US Emily Davis James Bowie Emily Davis
James Bowie TX/US Griffin Yancy James Bowie Griffin Yancy
James Bowie TX/US Josy Stevens James Bowie Josy Stevens
L C Anderson TX/US Bojana Rutkovszky L C Anderson Bojana Rutkovszky
Lake Travis TX/US Nex Saini Lake Travis Nex Saini
Moe and Gene Johnson TX/US Fatima Arellano-Loredo Moe and Gene Jo Fatima Arellano-Loredo
Moe and Gene Johnson TX/US Mallory Russell Moe and Gene Jo Mallory Russell
Westlake TX/US Ava Enochs Westlake Ava Enochs
Westlake TX/US Eliza Gossen Westlake Eliza Gossen
Westlake TX/US Emma Wang Westlake Emma Wang