IHSA State Debate Championships

2023 — IL/US
Field in Policy
41 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Chicago Bulls IL/US Becerril & Fofana Chicago Bulls Gerardo Becerril & Mariame Fofana
Chicago Bulls IL/US Pollard & Meduga Chicago Bulls Malik Pollard & David Meduga
Chicago HS for Agricultural Sciences IL/US Fallie & Spencer Chicago HS for Agricultural Sciences Antoine Fallie & Elijah Sp
Evanston Twp IL/US Ng & Wexler Evanston Twp Mary Esther Ng & Elliot Wexler
Glenbrook North IL/US Carpenter & Goldberg Glenbrook North Eunji Carpenter & Leah Goldberg
Glenbrook North IL/US Fernandez & Zhu Glenbrook North Marissa Fernandez & Chloe Zhu
Glenbrook South IL/US Arzoumanidis & Kwon Glenbrook South Ana Arzoumanidis & Sarah Kwon
Glenbrook South IL/US Warnsman & Blitz Glenbrook South Harlan Warnsman & Evan Blitz
Glenbrook South IL/US Stanzi & Thurnell Glenbrook South Jensen Stanzi & Dana Thurnell
Glenbrook South IL/US Lee & Sutton Glenbrook South Won Lee & Kylie Sutton
Kenwood IL/US Richardson & Washington Kenwood Amanti Washington & Jade Richardson
Lake View IL/US Garvey & Barrientos Lake View Alexis Garvey & Diana Barrientos
Lincoln Park IL/US Argueta & Ledesma Lincoln Park Tatiana Argueta & Gianna Ledesma
Maine East IL/US Lorence & Silvio Maine East Alexandra Lorence & Daniela Silvio
Maine East IL/US Christ & Greene Maine East Emmett Christ & Andrew Greene
Maine East IL/US Khaden & Lorence Maine East Syed Khaden & Hailey Lorence
New Trier IL/US Harrison & Lee New Trier Isabella Harrison & Magnus Lee
New Trier IL/US Heftman & Subeck New Trier Nathan Heftman & Reagan Subeck
New Trier IL/US Gordon & Shah New Trier Samantha Gordon & Avi Shah
New Trier IL/US Warner & Zarea New Trier Skye Warner & Sara Zarea
Niles North IL/US Bisevac & Cabrera Niles North Hana Bisevac & Kailey Cabrera
Niles North IL/US Mazhankou & Khan Niles North Raman Mazhankou & Saad Khan
Niles West IL/US Shehzad & Bilicki Niles West Hina Shehzad & Rose Bilicki
Niles West IL/US Ansari & Chung Niles West Omar Ansari & Charlize Chung
Noble IL/US Mustapha & Casey Noble Asheatu Mustapha & Sydney Casey
Northside College Prep IL/US Anderson & De Rosas Northside Grant Anderson & Jacob De Rosas
Northside College Prep IL/US Tong & Halloran Northside Jonah Halloran & Annie Tong
Northside College Prep IL/US Morley & Weisenberger Northside Katharine Morley & Kinsey Weisenberger
Northside College Prep IL/US Pan & Shank Northside Kiana Pan & Claire Shank
Solorio IL/US Rios & Rodriguez Solorio Giovanni Rios & Christopher Rodriguez
Solorio IL/US Garcia & Villalobos-Hernandez Solorio Nichole Garcia & Jairo Villalobos-Hernandez
Solorio IL/US Leyva & Aburto Solorio Santiago Leyva & Luis Aburto
Solorio IL/US Padilla & Palma Solorio Santiago Padilla & Jahaziel Palma
South Shore IL/US Brock & Warren South Shore Katelin Brock & Mayanah Warren
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Esmailzadeh & Shah Univ Of Chicago Lab Cyrus Esmailzadeh & Mahi Shah
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Duda & Reddy Univ Of Chicago Lab Sasha Duda & Sid Reddy
Walter Payton IL/US Hwang & Duffy Walter Payton Calvin Hwang & Lucia Duffy
Walter Payton IL/US Walsh & Sanchez Walter Payton Zoey Walsh & Hank Sanchez
Whitney Young IL/US Schumacher & Paramore Whitney Young Maura Schumacher & Amber Paramore
Whitney Young IL/US Chan & Kulinowski Whitney Young Rebecca Chan & Julia Kulinowski
Niles North IL/US Garcia & Sterbenc will sterbenc