Jean Ward Invitational

2023 — Portland, OR/US
Field in Open Prose
12 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Crater OR/US Courtney Watson BD 1600
Crater OR/US Karma Jackson BD 1601
Sam Barlow OR/US Ash Evans BE 1600
Sam Barlow OR/US Bronwyn Barrie BE 1601
Sam Barlow OR/US Keely Rezvani BE 1602
Sam Barlow OR/US Elaina Oommen BE 1603
St Mary's OR/US Sara Davis BF 1600
St Mary's OR/US Kaylee Wilcox BF 1601
Cleveland HS (OR) OR/US Stella Greenvoss BG 1600
Cleveland HS (OR) OR/US Qianru Tan BG 1601
Cleveland HS (OR) OR/US Liam Taylor BG 1603
Oregon City OR/US Luciana Smith BT 1600