Saints Classic

2023 — Ridgeland, MS/US
Field in Public Forum Debate
18 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Cabot AR/US Buckner & Phillips Cabot BP
Cabot AR/US Gunter III & Hubbard Cabot GH
Cabot AR/US Haddock & Rose Cabot RH
Cabot AR/US Robbins & Rodriguez Cabot RR
Cabot AR/US Cox & Stanisor Cabot SC
Isidore Newman LA/US Wilson & Lombard Isidore Newman WL
Jonesboro AR/US Hacker & Nair Jonesboro HN
Jonesboro AR/US Young & Storer Jonesboro YS
Laurel Christian MS/US Shipp & Singh Laurel Christian SS
Madison Central MS/US Abdrabbo & Williams Madison Central AW
Madison Central MS/US Elenkov & Tu Madison Central ET
Madison Central MS/US Mattingly & Sinha Madison Central MS
Mississippi School For Mathematics and Science MS/US Choi & Marquez Mississippi School For Mathematics and Science CM
Murrah MS/US Carter & Johnson Murrah CJ
Oak Grove MS/US Breton & Moffett Oak Grove BM
Oak Grove MS/US Kotikalapudi & Zhou Oak Grove KZ
Oak Grove MS/US Nguyen & Sun Oak Grove NS
Oxford MS/US Berry IV & Boudreaux Oxford BB