Redbird Tournament

2022 — Normal/Zoom, IL/US
Field in Varsity
33 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Mode Record
Central Michigan MI/US Asia Robinson Central Michigan Asia Robinson 1
Central Michigan MI/US Natalie Brant Central Michigan Natalie Brant 1
Central Michigan MI/US Tyler Tobias Central Michigan Tyler Tobias 1
Illinois IL/US Ar'Mand Erving Illinois Ar'Mand Erving 0
Illinois IL/US Joel Cortes Illinois Joel Cortes 0
Illinois IL/US Luis Avila-Alvarez Illinois Luis Avila-Alvarez 1
Lafayette PA/US Ben Herman Lafayette Ben Herman 0
Lafayette PA/US Josh Hale Lafayette Josh Hale 0
Lewis and Clark OR/US Anne Smith Lewis and Clark Anne Smith 0
Lewis and Clark OR/US Rose Thompson Lewis and Clark Rose Thompson 0
Missouri State MO/US Vikas Yadav Missouri State Vikas Yadav 1
Missouri Valley MO/US Camden Phillips Missouri Valley Camden Phillips 1
Missouri Valley MO/US Eva Agcaoili Missouri Valley Eva Agcaoili 1
Nebraska-Lincoln NE/US Caleb Alexander Nebraska-Lincoln Caleb Alexander 1
Nebraska-Lincoln NE/US Juliana Quattrocchi Nebraska-Lincoln Juliana Quattrocchi 1
Truman State MO/US Aiden Breesawitz Truman State Aiden Breesawitz 0
Truman State MO/US Alicia Stout Truman State Alicia Stout 0
Truman State MO/US Elijah Baum Truman State Elijah Baum 0
Vanderbilt TN/US Meeros Khattaie Vanderbilt Meeros Khattaie 1
Washburn KS/US Andrew Rea Washburn Andrew Rea 0
Washburn KS/US Cade Blenden Washburn Cade Blenden 0
Washburn KS/US Carlos Cedillo-Silva Washburn Carlos Cedillo-Silva 0
Washburn KS/US Daniel Archer Washburn Daniel Archer 0
Washburn KS/US Hunter Squires Washburn Hunter Squires 0
Washburn KS/US Jacob Bailes Washburn Jacob Bailes 0
Washburn KS/US Jenna Gorton Washburn Jenna Gorton 0
Washburn KS/US Logan Michael Washburn Logan Michael 0
Western Kentucky KY/US Andre Swai Western Kentucky Andre Swai 0
Western Kentucky KY/US Antonina Clementi Western Kentucky Antonina Clementi 0
Western Kentucky KY/US Hannah Jones Western Kentucky Hannah Jones 1
Western Kentucky KY/US Miles Morton Western Kentucky Miles Morton 0
Western Kentucky KY/US Rae Fournier Western Kentucky Rae Fournier 0
Western Kentucky KY/US Tanya Prabhakar Western Kentucky Tanya Prabhakar 0