San Angelo Central Bobcat Bonanza Swing TFA and NIETOC

2022 — San Angelo, TX/US
Field in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking Blue
49 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Abilene Wylie TX/US Brendan Hurt AbiWyl Brendan Hurt
BSISD TX/US Ashley Melendez BSISD Ashley Melendez
BSISD TX/US Harper Duran BSISD Harper Duran
Clark TX/US Casey Chang Casey Chang
Clark TX/US Lindsey Zhao Clark Lindsey Zhao
Clark TX/US Linqi Miao Clark Linqi Miao
Clark TX/US Shaurya Dhondi Clark Shaurya Dhondi
Granbury TX/US kierra Black Granbu kierra Black
Granbury TX/US Noa Penrod Granbu Noa Penrod
Granbury TX/US Warner Phillips Granbu Warner Phillips
McMillen TX/US Grey Shriner Grey Shriner
Jack C. Hays TX/US ALex Gilbert JacC ALex Gilbert
Jack C. Hays TX/US Alex Jenz JacC Alex Jenz
Jack C. Hays TX/US Carlos Dopazo-Pelayo JacC Carlos Dopazo-Pelayo
Jack C. Hays TX/US Judah Padilla JacC Judah Padilla
Jack C. Hays TX/US Miguel Gonzalez JacC Miguel Gonzalez
Lake Travis TX/US Grace Farnworth LakTra Grace Farnworth
Lake Travis TX/US Iris Castruita LakTra Iris Castruita
Lake Travis TX/US Nex Saini LakTra Nex Saini
Lake Travis TX/US Radha Sreenivasan LakTra Radha Sreenivasan
Lake Travis TX/US Sloane Ennis LakTra Sloane Ennis
Lake Travis TX/US Wyatt Warfield LakTra Wyatt Warfield
Lubbock TX/US Braeden Tydeman Lubboc Braeden Tydeman
McMillen TX/US Andrew Earls McMill Andrew Earls
McMillen TX/US Calvin Park McMill Calvin Park
Midland TX/US Emmanuel Cung Midlan Emmanuel Cung
Midland TX/US Savannah Skees Midlan Savannah Skees
Midland Legacy Senior TX/US Joey Corning MidLeg Joey Corning
Midland Legacy Freshman TX/US Liana Perez MidLeg Liana Perez
Midland Legacy Freshman TX/US Makyela Ramos MidLeg Makyela Ramos
Midland Legacy Freshman TX/US Nilayah Rodriguez MidLeg Nilayah Rodriguez
Midland Legacy Freshman TX/US Priya Patel MidLeg Priya Patel
Odessa Permian TX/US Ashley Sisneros OdePer Ashley Sisneros
Odessa Permian TX/US Dj Walker OdePer Dj Walker
Odessa Permian TX/US Sapna Yadalla OdePer Sapna Yadalla
Odessa Permian TX/US Serenity Galindo OdePer Serenity Galindo
Plano Senior TX/US Manhua Kim PlaSen Manhua Kim
Plano Senior TX/US Olivia Kuffel PlaSen Olivia Kuffel
Plano Senior TX/US Ravi Pitta PlaSen Ravi Pitta
Seminole TX/US Joey Penner Semino Joey Penner
Seminole TX/US Rachel Rempel Semino Rachel Rempel
Trinity School of Midland TX Bennett Cooper TSOM Bennett Cooper
Trinity School of Midland TX Ezekiel Bajomo TSOM Ezekiel Bajomo
Wimberley TX/US Alex Caldwell Wimber Alex Caldwell
Wimberley TX/US Gage Trudeau Wimber Gage Trudeau
Wimberley TX/US Kathryn McKinney Wimber Kathryn McKinney
Young Women's Leadership TX/US HARPER DIAZ YouWom HARPER DIAZ