The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School

2022 — Dallas, TX/US
Field in Congress
72 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Southlake Carroll TX/US Ali Alam Ali Alam
Lovejoy TX/US Andy Choy Andy Choy
Azle TX/US Diana Garcia Azle Garcia
Azle TX/US Imani Votion-Alameddine Azle Votion-Alameddine
Azle TX/US John Williams Azle Williams
Collegiate NY/US Chase Agudo Collegiate Agudo
Collegiate NY/US Charles Schell Collegiate Schell
Collegiate NY/US Cyrus Solhjou Collegiate Solhjou
Coppell TX/US Laura Jimenez Coppell Jimenez
Coppell TX/US Ava Johnson Coppell Johnson
Coppell TX/US Kaelyn Liu Coppell Liu
Coppell TX/US Natalia Mendoza Coppell Mendoza
Coppell TX/US Wesley Pokluda Coppell Pokluda
Jasper TX/US Ayushi Ahuja Jasper Ahuja
Jasper TX/US Anisha Akula Jasper Akula
Jasper TX/US Tishya Banka Jasper Banka
Jasper TX/US Advait Boyanapalli Jasper Boyanapalli
Jasper TX/US Evelyn Ding Jasper Ding
Jasper TX/US Tara Erry Jasper Erry
Jasper TX/US Amaan Fahim Jasper Fahim
Jasper TX/US Odinaka Igwiloh Jasper Igwiloh
Jasper TX/US Shanzay Irshad Jasper Irshad
Jasper TX/US Shriya Mohan Jasper Mohan
Jasper TX/US Neha Sharma Jasper Sharma
Jasper TX/US Priyanka Thirumal Azhagan Jasper Thirumal Azhagan
Jasper TX/US Akash Viswam Jasper Viswam
Jasper TX/US Darcy Yin Jasper Yin
Jasper TX/US Abraham Zhang Jasper Zhang
Lake Highlands TX/US Julia Bokoutou Lake Highlands Bokoutou
Lake Highlands TX/US Juan Leonides Lake Highlands Leonides
Lake Highlands TX/US Nahom Sisay Lake Highlands Sisay
Lovejoy TX/US Joshua Arnett Lovejoy Arnett
Newman Smith TX/US Adrienne Adams Newman Smith Adams
Newman Smith TX/US Kavya Sree Mandalapu Newman Smith Mandalapu
Newman Smith TX/US Daniel Toro Newman Smith Toro
North Mesquite TX/US Joseph Bowman North Mesquite Bowman
North Mesquite TX/US Duntae Duffey North Mesquite Duffey
North Mesquite TX/US McKenzie Montalvo North Mesquite Montalvo
Plano West TX/US Shrey Bahl Plano West Bahl
Plano West TX/US Amit Konda Plano West Konda
Plano West TX/US Atharv Kulkarni Plano West Kulkarni
Plano West TX/US Patrick Lu Plano West Lu
Plano West TX/US Jayanth Mokkapati Plano West Mokkapati
Plano West TX/US Srjana Srivatsa Plano West Srivatsa
Plano West TX/US Jessica Xu Plano West Xu
Plano West TX/US Sophia Zhu Plano West Zhu
Prestonwood Christian TX/US Mason Cruse Prestonwood Christian Cruse
Prestonwood Christian TX/US Davie Leigh Hildebrand Prestonwood Christian Hildebrand
Prosper TX/US Jaxon Baucum Prosper Baucum
Prosper TX/US Tanish Chauhan Prosper Chauhan
Prosper TX/US James Kim Prosper Kim
Prosper TX/US Jacob Piehl Prosper Piehl
Prosper TX/US Sudarshan Prabhu Prosper Prabhu
Richardson TX Sarah Brooks Richardson Brooks
Richardson TX Kendall Kahn Richardson Kahn
Rock Hill TX/US Matthew Barrios Rock Hill Barrios
Rock Hill TX/US Tanner Jaynes Rock Hill Jaynes
Rock Hill TX/US Surya Kasibhatla Rock Hill Kasibhatla
Rock Hill TX/US Akshay Putcha Rock Hill Putcha
Rock Hill TX/US Jahnavi Talla Rock Hill Talla
Southlake Carroll TX/US Lujayn Ahmed Southlake Carroll Ahmed
Southlake Carroll TX/US Neha Arjun Southlake Carroll Arjun
Southlake Carroll TX/US Umair Bhat Southlake Carroll Bhat
Southlake Carroll TX/US James Buehner Southlake Carroll Buehner
Southlake Carroll TX/US Thomas Buehner Southlake Carroll Buehner
Southlake Carroll TX/US Maahiyaa Datwani Southlake Carroll Datwani
Southlake Carroll TX/US Nila Dev Southlake Carroll Dev
Southlake Carroll TX/US Preston Mittelstet Southlake Carroll Mittelstet
Southlake Carroll TX/US Sabrina Sun Southlake Carroll Sun
Southlake Carroll TX/US Kavin Vijay Southlake Carroll Vijay
Southlake Carroll TX/US Benjamin Wellington Southlake Carroll Wellington
Southlake Carroll TX/US Yingqi Zhu Southlake Carroll Zhu