TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 3

2023 — NSDA Campus, US
Field in Lincoln-Douglas (Novice)
16 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Horace Greeley NY/US Andy Mezgravis-Miani Andy Mezgravis-Miani
Aurorae Young WA/US Edward Wang Aurorae Young EW
Aurorae Young WA/US Linden Liu Aurorae Young LL
Bay Area Academy of CA/US Aaryaman Singh Bay Area Academy of AS
Carrollwood Highschool FL/US David Lopez Carrollwood Highschool DL
Neenah WI/US Drew Benthein Drew Benthein
Golden State CA/US Neil Kumar Golden State NK
Golden State CA/US Vihan Bhattacharjee Golden State VB
Golden State CA/US Vivaan Syal Golden State VS
Horace Greeley NY/US Salma Gheith Horace Greeley SG
Isidore Newman LA/US Maxwell McBride Isidore Newman MM
South Woods NY/US Jocelyn Sun South Woods JS
West Windsor Plainsboro HS North NJ/US Iyaad Khalid West Windsor Plainsboro HS North IK
West Windsor Plainsboro HS North NJ/US Rhea Biswas West Windsor Plainsboro HS North RB
Wyoming Virtual WY/US Kassidi Hull Wyoming Virtual KH
Golden State CA/US Zahra Zaidi Zahra Zaidi