Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US
Field in Novice Policy
28 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Barstow MO/US Hathiari & Jiang Barstow JH
Barstow MO/US Patel & Ledezma Barstow LP
Berkeley Prep FL/US Bischof & Lai Berkeley Prep BL
Blue Valley North KS/US Coleman & Thomas Blue Valley North CT
Blue Valley North KS/US Lipscomb & Parthasarathy Blue Valley North LP
Blue Valley Southwest KS/US Presley & Johnston Blue Valley Southwest PJ
Blue Valley Southwest KS/US Taghizadeh & Korte Blue Valley Southwest TK
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL/US Figueroa & Horel Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FH
Lansing KS/US Rickert & Owens Lansing RO
Lansing KS/US Schultz & Rockhold Lansing SR
Little Rock Central AR/US Perry & Gaddi Little Rock Central GP
Little Rock Central AR/US Hutchison & Jarkas Little Rock Central HuJa
McDowell PA/US Kanhere & Mozdy McDowell KM
New Trier IL/US Brainch & Sandler New Trier BS
New Trier IL/US Kropp & Pearson New Trier KP
Niles North IL/US Choenyi & Soloveychik Niles North CS
Niles North IL/US Gahm & Davis Niles North GD
Niles West IL/US Khan & Ahmed Niles West KA
Niles West IL/US Rizvi & Vadiwala Niles West RV
Notre Dame CA/US Ballard & Pira Notre Dame BP
Quarry Lane CA/US Parampath & Srikantam Quarry Lane PS
Shawnee Mission South KS/US Farro & Ardon-Baltazar Shawnee Mission South FA WL
Shawnee Mission South KS/US Morantz & Fox Shawnee Mission South MF WL
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Freeman & Arain Univ Of Chicago Lab FA WL
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Zhao & Fitzgerald Univ Of Chicago Lab ZF WL
Washburn Rural KS/US Dhir & Hight Washburn Rural DH
Washburn Rural KS/US Heinen & Von Lintel Washburn Rural HV
Westminster GA/US Gao & Zhou Westminster GZ