CDA March Tournament

2023 — Online using Zoom and Tabroom C, CT/US
Field in Varsity
47 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Awad & Iacovacci AITE Awad & Iacovacci
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Barry & Sanghavi AITE Barry & Sanghavi
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Devault & DeSantis AITE Devault & DeSantis
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Gibek & Fleischer AITE Gibek & Fleischer
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Goldberg & Rufus AITE Goldberg & Rufus
Academy of Information Tech and Engineering CT/US Goldberg & Vadel AITE Goldberg & Vadel
Blind Brook NY/US Zelin & Wang BBrk Zelin & Wang
Bethel CT/US Allen & Pawloski Betl Allen & Pawloski
Bethel CT/US Zalaznick & O'Connor Betl Zalaznick & O'Connor
Robert E. Fitch CT/US Victorino & Regan Fitch Regan & Victorino
Robert E. Fitch CT/US Riley & Patel Fitch Riley & Patel
GHS CT/US Lu & O'Connell Gwich Lu & O'Connell
Daniel Hand CT/US Abels & Hagan Hand Abels & Hagan
Joel Barlow CT/US Speck & Diez JBar Speck & Diez
Joel Barlow CT/US Lempert & Shen JBar/Ridge Lempert & Shen
King CT/US Karle & Cohen King Karle & Cohen
New Canaan CT/US Axon & Kuttichirayil NCan Axon & Kuttichirayil
New Canaan CT/US DeChiara & Hansen NCan Hansen & DeChiara
Pomperaug CT/US Kennon & Levins Pomp Kennon & Levins
Pomperaug CT/US Mikush & Vela Pomp Mikush & Vela
Pomperaug CT/US Nelakudity & Kancharla Pomp Nelakudity & Kancharla
Pomperaug CT/US Patel & Pepe Pomp Patel & Pepe
Pomperaug CT/US Yang & Levins Pomp Yang & Levins
P-TECH Norwalk CT/US Beghun-Stack & Bova PTech Beghun-Stack & Bova
P-TECH Norwalk CT/US Vanarase & Seiler PTech Vanarase & Seiler
Ridgefield CT/US Cox-Donovan & Uceda-Sosa Ridge Cox-Donovan & Uceda-Sosa
Seymour CT/US Brickett & Zedek Seym Brickett & Zedek
Seymour CT/US Eng & Jara Seym Eng & Jara
Seymour CT/US Manson & Loock Seym Manson & Loock
Simsbury CT/US Kidambi & Savio Sims Kidambi & Savio
Simsbury CT/US Zhang & Pane Sims Zhang & Pane
Stamford CT/US Denison & Banerjee Stamf Denison & Banerjee
Stamford CT/US Field & Schager Stamf Field & Schager
Stamford CT/US Kempton & Stone Stamf Kempton & Stone
Stamford CT/US Prem & Veshaj Stamf Prem & Veshaj
Stamford CT/US Shoztic & Osman Stamf Shoztic & Osman
Stamford CT/US Sukinder & Sen Stamf Sukinder & Sen
Staples CT/US Bitsky & Sullivan Stapl Bitsky & Sullivan
Staples CT/US Cao & Pogue Stapl Cao & Pogue
Staples CT/US Patel & DiDonato Stapl Patel & DiDonato
Staples CT/US Weng & Weng Stapl Weng & Weng
Wilton CT/US Kaimal & Shim Wilt Kaimal & Shim
Wilton CT/US Ramirez & Biondo Wilt Ramirez & Biondo
Wilton CT/US Suneja & Garofalo Wilt/WstHil Suneja & Garofalo
Westhill CT/US Davidson & Ben-David WstHil Davidson & Ben-David
Westhill CT/US Nayak & Sujan WstHil Nayak & Sujan
Westhill CT/US Sharma & Kothari WstHil Sharma & Kothari