WolfCub Invitational

2023 — Claremont, CA/US
Field in Middle Spontaneous Argument (SPAR)
34 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status
QD Learning CA/US Evelyn Tao DB Evelyn Tao
QD Learning CA/US Jason Liu DB Jason Liu
QD Learning CA/US Maria Liu DB Maria Liu
QD Learning CA/US Nancy Dong DB Nancy Dong
QD Learning CA/US Shelly Au DB Shelly Au
Westridge CA/US Nia Harper DD Nia Harper
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Angelia Chang DE Angelia Chang
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Elizabeth Chen DE Elizabeth Chen
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Elizabeth Huang DE Elizabeth Huang
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Riyan Vishwanath DE Riyan Vishwanath
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Tarrence Sun DE Tarrence Sun
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Terry Zhang DE Terry Zhang
El Roble CA/US Angelica Santhosh DF Angelica Santhosh
El Roble CA/US Chloe Wang DF Chloe Wang
El Roble CA/US Dashun Feng DF Dashun Feng
El Roble CA/US Henry Phillips DF Henry Phillips
El Roble CA/US Lauren Fang DF Lauren Fang
El Roble CA/US Reyhan Garcia DF Reyhan Garcia
El Roble CA/US Salem Tayyarh DF Salem Tayyarh
El Roble CA/US Seong-Min Cho DF Seong-Min Cho
Perfect Score CA/US Aiden Hong DK Aiden Hong
Perfect Score CA/US Aiden Kim DK Aiden Kim
Perfect Score CA/US Amber Thornal DK Amber Thornal
Perfect Score CA/US Emily Kim DK Emily Kim
Perfect Score CA/US Iris Kim DK Iris Kim
Perfect Score CA/US Kaylah Park DK Kaylah Park
Perfect Score CA/US Lauren Lee DK Lauren Lee
Perfect Score CA/US Rachael An DK Rachael An
Perfect Score CA/US William Park DK William Park
Liangyi Youth Leadership CA/US Jeremy Wang DN Jeremy Wang
Nova 42 CA/US Sourya Chilukuri DT Sourya Chilukuri
ModernBrain CA/US Rena Zhuang DY Rena Zhuang
ModernBrain CA/US Sissi Wang DY Sissi Wang
Speech and Debate Institute CA/US Larry Lyu Larry Lyu