Texas Middle School State Tournament

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US
Field in Congressional Debate
25 entries
School Location Entry Code
Albright TX/US Lisa Le Lisa Le
Albright TX/US Nancy Pham Nancy Pham
Albright TX/US Azeem Solabi Azeem Solabi
Albright TX/US Gerardo Diaz Gerardo Diaz
Albright TX/US Khajornsak Tu Khajornsak Tu
Albright TX/US Leah Ghebrelul Leah Ghebrelul
Albright TX/US Gabrielle Brown Gabrielle Brown
Bob Lanier TX/US Nathan Hadi Nathan Hadi
Bob Lanier TX/US Vir Sanghavi Vir Sanghavi
Bob Lanier TX/US Jigyasa Prabhakar Jigyasa Prabhakar
Bob Lanier TX/US Spencer Gajanayake Spencer Gajanayake
Bob Lanier TX/US Armaanuddin Mohammed Armaanuddin Mohammed
E. A. Olle TX/US Maria Bongah Maria Bongah
E. A. Olle TX/US Caleb Ajaegbu Caleb Ajaegbu
Frank Black TX/US Mia Strom Mia Strom
Frank Black TX/US Patience Haack Patience Haack
Frank Black TX/US Alejandra Giron Alejandra Giron
Frank Black TX/US Allison Krahenbuhl Allison Krahenbuhl
Princeton TX/US Emma Parker Emma Parker
School of Science and Tech - Advancement TX/US Michael Mata Michael Mata
School of Science and Tech - Advancement TX/US Great Nwokeke Great Nwokeke
School of Science and Tech - Advancement TX/US Oyinkansola Adeyemi Oyinkansola Adeyemi
Village TX/US Kaitlin Hall Kaitlin Hall
Village TX/US Matthew Rovere Matthew Rovere
Village TX/US Annabelle Junadi Annabelle Junadi