Middle School TOC hosted by UK

2022 — NSDA Campus, KY/US
Field in Public Forum
212 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
ADL TW Huang & Wu ADL HW
ADL TW Hung & Yen ADL HY
ADL TW Wang & Hsu ADL WH
ADL TW Wang & Lai ADL WL
ADL TW Wang & Wang ADL WW
Alice Deal DC/US Farrell & Bennett Alice Deal FB
Indian Mountain CT/US Shao & Huang Amity Shao
Ascent TW Chiang & Ho Ascent CH
Ascent TW Lee & Lee Ascent LL
Ascent TW Wei & Song Ascent WS
Ascent TW Zhang & Hsu Ascent ZH
Atlas NJ/US Chen & Wang Atlas CW
Atlas NJ/US Ravi & Gulati Atlas RG
Aurorae Young WA/US Chen & Guo Aurorae Young CG
Aurorae Young WA/US Chen & Lu Aurorae Young CL
Aurorae Young WA/US Ouyang & Wang Aurorae Young OW
Aurorae Young WA/US Wu & Yang Aurorae Young WY
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley CA/US Patel & Reddy BASIS Independent Silicon Valley PR
BC Academy BC/CA Choi & Qiu BC Academy CQ
BC Academy BC/CA Jung & Yi BC Academy JY
BC Academy BC/CA Kim & Park BC Academy KP
BC Academy BC/CA Lee & Yao BC Academy LY
BC Academy BC/CA Park & Shin BC Academy PS
BC Academy BC/CA Shin & Park BC Academy SP
BC Academy BC/CA Zu & Ma BC Academy ZM
Bergen NJ/US Bhandari & Motivala Bergen BM
Bergen NJ/US Choi & Nayakkar Bergen CN
Bergen NJ/US Gangu & Lee Bergen GL
Bergen NJ/US Kwon & Gurunathan Bergen KG
Bergen NJ/US Karimanal & Kashyap Bergen KK
Bergen NJ/US Liu & Kang Bergen LK
Bergen NJ/US Marya & Aiyer Bergen MA
Bergen NJ/US Mittal & Park Bergen MP
Bergen NJ/US Moszuti & Yan Bergen MY
Bergen NJ/US Park & Tsai Bergen PT
Bergen NJ/US Ren & Shah Bergen RS
Bergen NJ/US Shim & Cheng Bergen SC
Bergen NJ/US She & Yuan Bergen SY
Bergen NJ/US Shen & Zhang Bergen SZ
BL BC/CA Guo & Jin BL GJ
BL BC/CA Jiang & Niu BL JN
BL BC/CA Li & Zhang BL LZ
BL BC/CA Ren & Jin BL RJ
BL BC/CA Sun & Yangliu BL SY
BL BC/CA Wang & Zou BL WZ
BL BC/CA Zhang & Luan BL ZL
Bob Lanier TX/US Balivada & Borja Bob Lanier BB
Bob Lanier TX/US Jha & Wang Bob Lanier JW
Bob Lanier TX/US Li & Stratton Bob Lanier LS
Brooks Debate Institute CA/US Bubna & Parikh Brooks Debate Institute BP
Brooks Debate Institute CA/US Narula & Thakur Brooks Debate Institute NT
Atlas NJ/US Cheng & Lambert Caroline Cheng
Charlotte Latin NC/US Bai & Rhee Charlotte Latin BR
Charlotte Latin NC/US Shan & Willett Charlotte Latin SW
CMS Southlake Junior TX/US Golla & Magoo CMS Southlake Junior GM
CMS Southlake Junior TX/US Nukala & Sanapalavenkata CMS Southlake Junior NS
CMS Southlake Junior TX/US Wang & Erasani CMS Southlake Junior WE
Debate Go ON/CA Zhang & Ni Danny Zhang
Debate Go ON/CA Chen & Chen Debate Go CC
Debate Go ON/CA Huang & Song Debate Go HS
Debate Go ON/CA Li & Ren Debate Go LR
Debate Go ON/CA Xue & Zhou Debate Go XZ
Debate Go ON/CA Yan & Dong Debate Go YD
Debate Go ON/CA Yao & Zhou Debate Go YZ
Debate Go ON/CA Zhou & Sun Debate Go ZS
Del Mar Montessori CA/US Pandhi & Synn Del Mar Montessori PS
Del Mar Montessori CA/US Pandhi & Zhou Del Mar Montessori PZ
Dougherty Valley Bridge CA/US Fu & Aiyer Dougherty Valley Bridge FA
Dougherty Valley Bridge CA/US Mallajosyula & Ayyadevara Dougherty Valley Bridge MA
Dougherty Valley Bridge CA/US Srivastava & Liu Dougherty Valley Bridge SL
Georgetown Day DC/US Grigsby & Seiken Georgetown Day GS
Georgetown Day DC/US Heffernan & Saelinger Georgetown Day HS
Georgetown Day DC/US Mangalam & Moseley Georgetown Day MM
Germantown PA/US Hu & Tunison Germantown HT
Golden State CA/US Erva & Liu Golden State EL
Golden State CA/US Luo & Corbu Golden State LC
Golden State CA/US Mangla & Verma Golden State MV
Golden State CA/US Shashidhar & Manral Golden State SM
Golden State CA/US Shaik & Sun Golden State SS
Golden State CA/US Wang & Tian Golden State WT
Harker CA/US Bawa & Goyal Harker BG
Harker CA/US Chen & Zhang Harker CZ
Harker CA/US Hu & Yue Harker HY
Harker CA/US Jain & Goenka Harker JG
Harker CA/US Paranjypye & Zhu Harker PZ
Harker CA/US Sun & Amurthur Harker SA
Harker CA/US Subramanian & Lee Harker SL
Honor CA/US Lee & Park Honor LP
Honor CA/US Lee & Revagad Honor LR
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Chen & Chen HuaXia Chinese School - Houston CC
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Fu & Wang HuaXia Chinese School - Houston FW
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Guo & Xu HuaXia Chinese School - Houston GX
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Li & Liu HuaXia Chinese School - Houston LL
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Liu & Wu HuaXia Chinese School - Houston LW
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Li & Zeng HuaXia Chinese School - Houston LZ
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Yan & Li HuaXia Chinese School - Houston YL
HuaXia Chinese School - Houston TX/US Zhao & Lin HuaXia Chinese School - Houston ZL
Ivy Bridge Academy Korea KR Kang & Gutierrez Ivy Bridge Academy Korea KG
Ivy Bridge Academy Korea KR No & Kim Ivy Bridge Academy Korea NK
Ivy Bridge Academy Korea KR Park & Lee Ivy Bridge Academy Korea PL
Ivy Bridge Academy Korea KR Park & Suk Ivy Bridge Academy Korea PS
Ivy Bridge GA/US Chen & Zhang Ivy Bridge CZ
Ivy Bridge GA/US Duerr & Ding Ivy Bridge DD
Ivy Bridge GA/US Dsilva & verma Ivy Bridge DV
Ivy Bridge GA/US Hwang & Shah Ivy Bridge HS
Ivy Bridge GA/US Kovi & Chinthalapudi Ivy Bridge KC
Ivy Bridge GA/US Kalva & Manikandan Ivy Bridge KM
Ivy Bridge GA/US Kadiyala & Qi Ivy Bridge KQ
Ivy Bridge GA/US Kumar & Sinha Ivy Bridge KS
Ivy Bridge GA/US Liu & Kallu Ivy Bridge LK
Ivy Bridge GA/US Park & Gupta Ivy Bridge PG
Ivy Bridge GA/US Raja & Ramineni Ivy Bridge RR
Ivy Bridge GA/US Sun & Baddela Ivy Bridge SB
Ivy Bridge GA/US Tang & Liu Ivy Bridge TL
Ivy Bridge GA/US Verma & Nimmalapudi Ivy Bridge VN
Ivy Bridge GA/US Xu & Gupta Ivy Bridge XG
Joaquin Miller CA/US Guo & Guo Joaquin Miller GG
Joaquin Miller CA/US Khulbe & Narvekar Joaquin Miller KN
Joaquin Miller CA/US Lee & Wang Joaquin Miller LW
Joaquin Miller CA/US Qin & Fernandes Joaquin Miller QF
Joaquin Miller CA/US Saharoy & Kumar Joaquin Miller SaKu
Joaquin Miller CA/US Shah & Kalbhavi Joaquin Miller SK
Joaquin Miller CA/US Wong & Thangam Joaquin Miller WT
Joaquin Miller CA/US Zhao & Zhu Joaquin Miller ZZ
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Chen & Wang Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CW
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Dong & Zhang Kudos College Of Youth Leadership DZ
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Huang & Zhou Kudos College Of Youth Leadership HZ
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Liang & Wang Kudos College Of Youth Leadership LW
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Wong & Chen Kudos College Of Youth Leadership WoCh
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Wu & Wong Kudos College Of Youth Leadership WW
Kudos College Of Youth Leadership CA/US Zhang & Liu Kudos College Of Youth Leadership ZL
Legacy Prep TX/US Shi & Zhang Legacy Prep SZ
ModernBrain CA/US Ahluwalia & Huang ModernBrain AH
ModernBrain CA/US He & Zhao ModernBrain HZ
ModernBrain CA/US Kwon & Huang ModernBrain KH
ModernBrain CA/US Le & Yin ModernBrain LY
ModernBrain CA/US Mei & Shao ModernBrain MS
ModernBrain CA/US Sharma & Shu ModernBrain SS
ModernBrain CA/US Wang & Wang ModernBrain WW
ModernBrain CA/US Yu & Yuan ModernBrain YY
ModernBrain CA/US Yu & Zhao ModernBrain YZ
Mountain Brook AL/US Armstrong & Shotts Mountain Brook AS
Poly Prep NY/US Barbiere & Baird Poly Prep BB
Poly Prep NY/US Barbiere & Menegatos Poly Prep BM
Potomac MD/US Agrawal & Bapna Potomac AB
Potomac MD/US Agrawal & Cao Potomac AC
Potomac MD/US Bi & Wu Potomac BW
Potomac MD/US Block-Sheehan & Yella Potomac BY
Potomac MD/US Chidambaram & Agarwal Potomac CA
Potomac MD/US Churiwal & Liao Potomac CL
Potomac MD/US Doshi & Gu Potomac DG
Potomac MD/US Durbhakula & Kailad Potomac DK
Potomac MD/US Datta & Mahajan Potomac DM
Potomac MD/US Doshi & Ren Potomac DR
Potomac MD/US Fang & Karthikeyan Potomac FK
Potomac MD/US Ganti & Heggadahalli Potomac GH
Potomac MD/US Gupta & Prasad Potomac GP
Potomac MD/US Gundlapalli & Sharma Potomac GS
Potomac MD/US Guntipalli & Talwar Potomac GT
Potomac MD/US Guo & Yao Potomac GY
Potomac MD/US Jhon & Yu Potomac JY
Potomac MD/US Kumaran & Dollard Potomac KD
Potomac MD/US Kella & Ho Potomac KH
Potomac MD/US Lin & Raghavan Potomac LR
Potomac MD/US Li & Shue Potomac LS
Potomac MD/US Lu & Uppalapati Potomac LU
Potomac MD/US Lin & Wu Potomac LW
Potomac MD/US Li & Xue Potomac LX
Potomac MD/US Mao & Shehabi Potomac MS
Potomac MD/US Rajesh & Venkatesh Potomac RV
Potomac MD/US Rask & Zhang Potomac RZ
Potomac MD/US Soni & Bhimisetty Potomac SB
Potomac MD/US Sheng & Wu Potomac SW
Potomac MD/US Singh & Yuan Potomac SY
Potomac MD/US Tian & Tang Potomac TT
Potomac MD/US Wong & Wang Potomac WW
Potomac MD/US Xie & Lam Potomac XL
Potomac MD/US Fan & Zheng Potomac ZF
Potomac MD/US Zhang & Zacharia Potomac ZZ
Power Speakers Unlimited NY/US Kasiviswanathan & Mageswaran Power Speakers Unlimited KM
Power Speakers Unlimited NY/US Mahajan & Jha Power Speakers Unlimited MJ
Power Speakers Unlimited NY/US Shah & Siva Power Speakers Unlimited SS
Power Speakers Unlimited NY/US Tauro & Kumar Power Speakers Unlimited TK
Quarry Lane CA/US Blik & Parampath Quarry Lane BP
Quarry Lane CA/US Chen & Sahakari Quarry Lane CS
Quarry Lane CA/US Fu & Huang Quarry Lane FH
Quarry Lane CA/US Hayer & Gandhi Quarry Lane HG
Quarry Lane CA/US Kachare & Iyer Quarry Lane KI
Quarry Lane CA/US Khan & Pant Quarry Lane KP
Quarry Lane CA/US Lee & Randhawa Quarry Lane LR
Quarry Lane CA/US Ping & Sirdeshmukh Quarry Lane PS
Quarry Lane CA/US Pait & Tenneti Quarry Lane PT
Redwood CA/US Cai & Tsang Redwood CT
Redwood CA/US Ravishankar & Dharwadkar Redwood RD
Riverdale Country NY/US Goldberg & Verma Riverdale Country GV
Riverdale Country NY/US Megha Verma Riverdale Country MV
SpeechCraft CN Fu & Liu SpeechCraft FL
SpiderSmart Learning Center of Bellaire TX/US Bhagia & Das SpiderSmart Learning Center of Bellaire BD
Sugar Land SpiderSmart TX/US Chen & Zeng Sugar Land SpiderSmart CZ
Sugar Land SpiderSmart TX/US Wang & Feng Sugar Land SpiderSmart WF
Sugar Land SpiderSmart TX/US Yi & Wang Sugar Land SpiderSmart YW
Trinity Prep FL/US Daniel & Chong Trinity Prep DC
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Cheng & Su VDA - Vancouver CS
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Chen & Zheng VDA - Vancouver CZ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Han & Tang VDA - Vancouver HT
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Li & Zhao VDA - Vancouver LiZh
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Lang & Zeng VDA - Vancouver LZ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Wu & Zhou VDA - Vancouver WZ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Zhang & Zhou VDA - Vancouver ZZ
Young Genius, Bay Area CA/US Kandala & Modi Young Genius, Bay Area KM
Youth Voices IL/US Jing & Wan Youth Voices JW
Youth Voices IL/US Zhang & Sun Youth Voices ZS