The Longhorn Classic

2022 — Austin, TX/US
Field in Congress
91 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Kentaro Yamauchi A and M Consolidated Kentaro Yamauchi
All Saints Episcopal TX/US Aditi Gangasani All Saints Episcopal Aditi Gangasani
All Saints Episcopal TX/US Anand Patel All Saints Episcopal Anand Patel
All Saints Episcopal TX/US William Marable All Saints Episcopal William Marable
American Heritage Broward FL/US Calvin Mathew American Heritage Broward Calvin Mathew
American Heritage Broward FL/US Shreyan Singha American Heritage Broward Shreyan Singha
Atascocita TX/US Alyssa Fields Atascocita Alyssa Fields
Atascocita TX/US Amari Bates Atascocita Amari Bates
Atascocita TX/US Reagan Tunson Atascocita Reagan Tunson
Atascocita TX/US Sofia Venegas Atascocita Sofia Venegas
Barbers Hill TX/US Kaden Farrington Barbers Hill Kaden Farrington
John Paul Stevens TX/US Chans French Chans French
Cy-Fair TX/US Roseliane Corona Cy-Fair Roseliane Corona
Cypress Bay FL/US Keith Kanefsky Cypress Bay Keith Kanefsky
Cypress Ranch TX/US Matthew Noriega Cypress Ranch Matthew Noriega
Cypress Woods TX/US Anthony Cabrera Cypress Woods Anthony Cabrera
Dulles TX/US Michael Mata Dulles Michael Mata
Hebron TX/US Krrish Jagatap Hebron Krrish Jagatap
Hebron TX/US Neena George Hebron Neena George
James Bowie TX/US Sofia Yordanova James Bowie Sofia Yordanova
James Bowie TX/US Yash Tate James Bowie Yash Tate
Jasper TX/US Tishya Banka Jasper Tishya Banka
John Paul Stevens TX/US Amber Gomez John Paul Stevens Amber Gomez
John Paul Stevens TX/US Ethan Wilkes John Paul Stevens Ethan Wilkes
John Paul Stevens TX/US Patricia Calel John Paul Stevens Patricia Calel
Kinkaid TX/US Allison Yang Kinkaid Allison Yang
L C Anderson TX/US Baden Russell L C Anderson Baden Russell
L C Anderson TX/US Emmy Ward L C Anderson Emmy Ward
L C Anderson TX/US Gabriella Avramova L C Anderson Gabriella Avramova
L C Anderson TX/US Henry Dieringer L C Anderson Henry Dieringer
Lake Travis TX/US Matthew Harary Lake Travis Matthew Harary
Lake Travis TX/US Meera Menon Lake Travis Meera Menon
Lake Travis TX/US Sloane Ennis Lake Travis Sloane Ennis
Lake Travis TX/US Tanisha Banerjee Lake Travis Tanisha Banerjee
Lamar TX/US Khanh Dang Lamar Khanh Dang
Lamar TX/US Mischa Wijesekera Lamar Mischa Wijesekera
McNeil TX/US Grace Marshall McNeil Grace Marshall
Memorial TX/US Aidan Zamany Memorial Aidan Zamany
Memorial TX/US Colin Blakeslee Memorial Colin Blakeslee
Memorial TX/US Gabriel Herdocia Memorial Gabriel Herdocia
Mount Pleasant TX/US Merlin Cardona Mount Pleasant Merlin Cardona
Neenah WI/US Chloe Sieman Neenah Chloe Sieman
Neenah WI/US Kale Hildebrandt Neenah Kale Hildebrandt
Neenah WI/US Nina Bhattacharjee Neenah Nina Bhattacharjee
Northland Christian TX/US Harmony Moore Northland Christian Harmony Moore
Plano East TX/US Aakash Arulkumaran Plano East Aakash Arulkumaran
Plano East TX/US Arya Gurumukhi Plano East Arya Gurumukhi
Plano East TX/US Garima Gupta Plano East Garima Gupta
Plano East TX/US Ryan Oltmann Plano East Ryan Oltmann
Plano East TX/US Sahana Thasma Plano East Sahana Thasma
Plano East TX/US Sanjana Arulkumaran Plano East Sanjana Arulkumaran
Plano East TX/US Serene Luo Plano East Serene Luo
Plano East TX/US Shardul Patel Plano East Shardul Patel
Plano Senior TX/US Bryan Hong Plano Senior Bryan Hong
Plano West TX/US Ajay Avala Plano West Ajay Avala
Plano West TX/US Amit Konda Plano West Amit Konda
Plano West TX/US Atharv Kulkarni Plano West Atharv Kulkarni
Plano West TX/US Jessica Xu Plano West Jessica Xu
Plano West TX/US Patrick Lu Plano West Patrick Lu
Plano West TX/US Shrey Bahl Plano West Shrey Bahl
Plano West TX/US Sophia Zhu Plano West Sophia Zhu
Plano West TX/US Srjana Srivatsa Plano West Srjana Srivatsa
Plano West TX/US Suden Prashar Plano West Suden Prashar
Plano West TX/US Prisha Vithalani Prisha Vithalani
Round Rock TX/US Arush Nandyala Round Rock Arush Nandyala
Round Rock TX/US Ashrita Mahadevu Round Rock Ashrita Mahadevu
Round Rock TX/US Carson Turner Round Rock Carson Turner
Round Rock TX/US Ella Clegg Round Rock Ella Clegg
Seven Lakes TX/US Fadhil Lawal Seven Lakes Fadhil Lawal
Seven Lakes TX/US Iris Cheng Seven Lakes Iris Cheng
Seven Lakes TX/US Natalie Pang Seven Lakes Natalie Pang
Spring Woods TX/US Cristopher Melendez Spring Woods Cristopher Melendez
Spring Woods TX/US Dylan Barela Spring Woods Dylan Barela
Spring Woods TX/US Jesus Silva Spring Woods Jesus Silva
Spring Woods TX/US Sara Garcia Spring Woods Sara Garcia
St Mary's Hall TX/US Evaristo Derby Elizondo St Mary's Hall Evaristo Derby Elizondo
Stratford TX/US Sophie Sagastume Stratford Sophie Sagastume
Stratford TX/US Sultan Evans Stratford Sultan Evans
Trinity Prep FL/US Arianna Cipparone Trinity Prep Arianna Cipparone
Trinity Prep FL/US Jasur Talipov Trinity Prep Jasur Talipov
Trinity Prep FL/US Nico Santiago Trinity Prep Nico Santiago
W B Ray TX/US Antonio Garcia W B Ray Antonio Garcia
W B Ray TX/US Kylie Thorpe W B Ray Kylie Thorpe
W B Ray TX/US Saara Bindingnavele W B Ray Saara Bindingnavele
W B Ray TX/US Sharmada Palakurthi W B Ray Sharmada Palakurthi
Winston Churchill TX/US Bryan Kennel Winston Churchill Bryan Kennel
Winston Churchill TX/US Grant Martinez Winston Churchill Grant Martinez
Winston Churchill TX/US Greg Freeman Winston Churchill Greg Freeman
Winston Churchill TX/US Jane Bailey Winston Churchill Jane Bailey
Winston Churchill TX/US Madeline Moore Winston Churchill Madeline Moore
Woodlands TX/US Máximo Avila Woodlands Máximo Avila