Tompkins Cy Park Spring Swing

2022 — Katy, TX/US
Field in Tiger Foreign Extemp (Friday)
22 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Andrew Li A and M Consolidated Andrew Li
A and M Consolidated TX/US Karina Ji A and M Consolidated Karina Ji
Elkins TX/US Anirudh Bansal Elkins Anirudh Bansal
Elkins TX/US Ayush Manoj Elkins Ayush Manoj
Elkins TX/US Rohit Satish Elkins Rohit Satish
Friendswood TX/US Thomas Basciano Friendswood Thomas Basciano
Jersey Village TX/US Anh Dinh Jersey Village Anh Dinh
Jordan TX/US Abhinav Kotha Jordan Abhinav Kotha
Jordan TX/US Mariam Elsherbiny Jordan Mariam Elsherbiny
Jordan TX/US Sai Vithala Jordan Sai Vithala
Jordan TX/US Vibhu Kanna Jordan Vibhu Kanna
Katy Taylor TX/US Vivienne Luu Katy Taylor Vivienne Luu
Kinkaid TX/US Alexander Miles Kinkaid Alexander Miles
Seven Lakes TX/US Shriman Thandra Seven Lakes Shriman Thandra
Seven Lakes TX/US Ulvi Maharramov Seven Lakes Ulvi Maharramov
Tompkins TX/US Prisha Singh Tompkins Prisha Singh
West Hardin TX/US Derrick Jackson West Hardin Derrick Jackson
William P. Clements TX/US Aizaz Bokhari William P. Clements Aizaz Bokhari
Winston Churchill TX/US Noah Chao-detiveaux Winston Churchill Noah Chao-detiveaux
Woodlands TX/US Julia Apuda Woodlands Julia Apuda
Woodlands TX/US Lana Lindsay Woodlands Lana Lindsay
Woodlands TX/US Niyati Sur Woodlands Niyati Sur