Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational

2022 — Colleyville, TX/US
Field in Novice Policy
18 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Athens TX/US Hoch & Saqib Athens HS
Barstow MO/US Azaz & Gadit Barstow AG
Barstow MO/US Bauman & Sood Barstow BS
Barstow MO/US Eastman & Nguyen Barstow NE
Barstow MO/US Schedler & Adams-Huang Barstow SA
Barstow MO/US Vora & Gonzales Barstow VG
Greenhill TX/US Bachu & Jagsi Greenhill BJ
Greenhill TX/US Chamarthy & Xie Greenhill CX
Greenhill TX/US Kwei & Ou-Yang Greenhill KO
Greenhill TX/US Kommineni & Park Greenhill KP
Greenhill TX/US Liu & Hemchand Greenhill LH
Isidore Newman LA/US Carmody & Jolly Isidore Newman CJ
Isidore Newman LA/US Carmody & Nguyen Isidore Newman CN
Isidore Newman LA/US L'Esperance & Krishnan Isidore Newman LK
Isidore Newman LA/US Rezza & Hutchings Isidore Newman RH
Jesuit TX/US Luke Lastelick Jesuit LL
Jesuit TX/US Mendoza & Ramirez Jesuit MR
Talented and Gifted Magnet TX/US Mi & Devenport Talented and Gifted Magnet MD