Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US
Field in Prose Interpretation
19 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Albright TX/US Alayah Davis 1 Alayah Davis
Albright TX/US Evalyn Nguyen 1 Evalyn Nguyen
Albright TX/US Gbemisola Ojewale 1 Gbemisola Ojewale
Albright TX/US Makayla-Jade Bounds 1 Makayla-Jade Bounds
Albright TX/US Natalie Nguyen 1 Natalie Nguyen
St Mary's Hall TX/US Jack Whittington 11 Jack Whittington
St Mary's Hall TX/US Zain Ahmad 11 Zain Ahmad
School of Science and Tech - Advancement TX/US Zion Oladosu 12 Zion Oladosu
Village TX/US Ali Manager 16 Ali Manager
Village TX/US Elizabeth Ovchinnikov 16 Elizabeth Ovchinnikov
Village TX/US Emma Kay 16 Emma Kay
Village TX/US Henrique Pereira 16 Henrique Pereira
Village TX/US Nicole Blanco 16 Nicole Blanco
Village TX/US Roger Shen 16 Roger Shen
Village TX/US Sonya Mittal 16 Sonya Mittal
Village TX/US Tristan Mai 16 Tristan Mai
Village TX/US Yaswanth Raghu 16 Yaswanth Raghu
Bob Lanier TX/US Brijzha Boyer 2 Brijzha Boyer
Bob Lanier TX/US Taylor Smith 2 Taylor Smith