Coppell Classic Swing

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US
Field in Congressional Debate
43 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Athens TX/US Scott Peebles Athens Scott Peebles
Clark TX/US Pranav Battu Clark Pranav Battu
Coppell 9th TX/US Arthi Gonuguntla Coppell 9th Arthi Gonuguntla
Coppell 9th TX/US Sumedh Volimineni Coppell 9th Sumedh Volimineni
Earl Warren TX/US Alejandra Galvan Earl Warren Alejandra Galvan
Earl Warren TX/US Cadence Dyer Earl Warren Cadence Dyer
Earl Warren TX/US Matthew Cordero Earl Warren Matthew Cordero
Earl Warren TX/US O-Ren Minnfee Earl Warren O-Ren Minnfee
Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD) TX/US Arya Ajith Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD) Arya Ajith
Grapevine TX/US Jack Hasper Grapevine Jack Hasper
Jasper TX/US Anisha Akula Jasper Anisha Akula
Jasper TX/US Bryan Hong Jasper Bryan Hong
Jasper TX/US Evelyn Ding Jasper Evelyn Ding
Jasper TX/US Hannah Gan Jasper Hannah Gan
Jasper TX/US Jayanth Mokkapati Jasper Jayanth Mokkapati
Jasper TX/US Kaaviya Shenbaharaman Jasper Kaaviya Shenbaharaman
Jasper TX/US Pranathi Beeram Jasper Pranathi Beeram
Jasper TX/US Sachi Goel Jasper Sachi Goel
Jasper TX/US Sophia Zhu Jasper Sophia Zhu
Jasper TX/US Suden Prashar Jasper Suden Prashar
Jasper TX/US Tara Erry Jasper Tara Erry
Jasper TX/US Tishya Banka Jasper Tishya Banka
Keller TX/US Jackie Frazier Keller Jackie Frazier
Keller TX/US Madison O'neal Keller Madison O'neal
Keller TX/US Viviana Reyes Keller Viviana Reyes
McMillen TX/US Jayden Raney McMillen Jayden Raney
McMillen TX/US Jonathan Shurtleff McMillen Jonathan Shurtleff
McMillen TX/US Nagaraj Veerappan McMillen Nagaraj Veerappan
McMillen TX/US Ryan Oltmann McMillen Ryan Oltmann
McMillen TX/US Ziad Hussein McMillen Ziad Hussein
Plano East TX/US Garima Gupta Plano East Garima Gupta
Plano East TX/US Serene Luo Plano East Serene Luo
Plano West TX/US Anushka Kumar Plano West Anushka Kumar
Plano West TX/US Leo Yu Plano West Leo Yu
Southlake Carroll TX/US Arman Amin Southlake Carroll Arman Amin
Southlake Carroll TX/US Arnav Koppala Southlake Carroll Arnav Koppala
Southlake Carroll TX/US Benjamin Wellington Southlake Carroll Benjamin Wellington
Southlake Carroll TX/US Jack Sibbett Southlake Carroll Jack Sibbett
Southlake Carroll TX/US John Fahoum Southlake Carroll John Fahoum
Southlake Carroll TX/US Nila Dev Southlake Carroll Nila Dev
Southlake Carroll TX/US Nitya Nadella Southlake Carroll Nitya Nadella
Southlake Carroll TX/US Omar Ismail Southlake Carroll Omar Ismail
Wylie TX/US Scarlett Rooney Wylie Scarlett Rooney