Idaho Gem of the Mountain District Tournament

2021 — ID/US
Field in US Extemp
16 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Skyview ID/US Lincoln Borrowman 105
Columbia ID/US Braeden Watkins 115
Skyview ID/US Nathaniel Rawlings 118
Columbia ID/US Dante Campagna 135
Rocky Mountain ID/US Anthony Thomas 150
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jacob Hiersekorn 151
Bishop Kelly ID/US Elleanor Lynch 166
Bishop Kelly ID/US Peyton Jungert 174
Ridgevue ID/US Adam Pendergrass 189
Mountain Home ID/US Korbin Peterson 197
Mountain Home ID/US Ashton Bennett 198
Eagle ID/US Kyle O'Donnell 248
Eagle ID/US Adelle Levanger 256
Skyview ID/US Bridger Benson 257
Eagle ID/US Marsaela Levanger 258
Columbia ID/US Curtis James 277