Central Minnesota District Tournament

2019 — US
Field in Lincoln Douglas
25 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Apple Valley HS MN/US Dawit Gebremaryam Dawit Gebremaryam
Apple Valley HS MN/US John Schwartz John Schwartz
Apple Valley HS MN/US Morgen Allen Morgen Allen
Apple Valley HS MN/US Nora Bolsoni Nora Bolsoni
Blaine MN/US Abranette Barry Abranette Barry
Blaine MN/US Phuong Doan Phuong Doan
Chanhassen HS MN/US Abby Newman Abby Newman
Chanhassen HS MN/US Christopher Patz Christopher Patz
Chanhassen HS MN/US Grace Lynch Grace Lynch
Chanhassen HS MN/US Sarah Aspelin Sarah Aspelin
Convent of the Visitation MN/US Isabel Brandt Isabel Brandt
Convent of the Visitation MN/US Sophia Benz-Narveson Sophia Benz-Narveson
Coon Rapids HS MN/US Andrew Mensink Andrew Mensink
East Ridge HS MN/US Athena Roscoe Athena Roscoe
East Ridge HS MN/US Michael Cauthorn Michael Cauthorn
East Ridge HS MN/US Minerva Roscoe Minerva Roscoe
Forest Lake Sr HS MN/US Steven Winnick Steven Winnick
Minnetonka HS MN/US Nolan Trinh Nolan Trinh
Minnetonka HS MN/US Priscilla Bunday Priscilla Bunday
Minnetonka HS MN/US Steven Wang Steven Wang
St Croix Preparatory Academy MN/US Avery DeWitt Avery DeWitt
St Croix Preparatory Academy MN/US Hans Gebauer Hans Gebauer
St. Thomas Academy MN/US Leo Ogle Leo Ogle
St. Thomas Academy MN/US Pierce Moberg Pierce Moberg
St. Thomas Academy MN/US Thomas Lund Thomas Lund