Logan Will Ultimate Challenge

2019 — Grants Pass, OR/US
Field in Parliamentary
40 entries
School Locale Code
Ashland HS OR/US Nayr/Mada
Ashland HS OR/US Nellek/Noskcaj
Ashland HS OR/US Ronnoc/ Egas
Cleveland HS OR/US Gelato Icing
Cleveland HS OR/US Happy Quinoa
Cleveland HS OR/US Snicker Devil Doodle
Cleveland HS OR/US Spice Cake Angel
Cleveland HS OR/US Strawberry Eclaire
Cleveland HS OR/US Tapioca S’more
Cleveland HS OR/US Yule Log lime Cake
Grants Pass HS OR/US Unironic Bumbershoot
Grants Pass HS OR/US Woosh Lleledge
Illinois Valley HS OR/US Ubiquarian & I.D.K.
Lake Oswego Senior High School OR/US Bamboo & Daikon
Lake Oswego Senior High School OR/US Carrot & Garbanzo
Lake Oswego Senior High School OR/US Cilantro & Shallot
Marist Catholic HS OR/US Pat IMsexy
Marist Catholic HS OR/US Wurble Shoe
Marshfield High School OR/US Marshfield AHC
Marshfield High School OR/US Mobamba/MissOrHit
Marshfield High School OR/US Mom/Mulkey
Marshfield High School OR/US Umbracious/Marvelous
Marshfield High School OR/US University of Moen/Megamind
North Bend Sr HS OR/US Fuzzy Lumpkins Miss Keane
North Bend Sr HS OR/US Utonium Buttercup
North Medford HS OR/US Ulcerous_s
North Medford HS OR/US Umbo_n_Milly
North Valley HS OR/US Unique Ugly Duckling
Phoenix OR/US Chaotic-Bad
Phoenix OR/US Machiavelli-LouisXIV
South Albany OR/US LegolasLaLaLand
South Albany OR/US LeonLosers
South Albany OR/US Littlefinger
South Albany OR/US UruguayUganda
South Albany OR/US USALoopyboop
South Medford HS OR/US Kanye2020/Bian Brady
South Medford HS OR/US Shaggy/Scoob
South Medford HS OR/US Upman/Upbro
St Mary's OR/US Murica and MacArthur
Willamette HS OR/US Hailey Squared