Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin

2018 — Los Angeles, CA, CA/US
Field in Varsity Policy
74 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Bakersfield CA/US Adams & Dison Bakersfield AD
Chaminade CA/US Ahuja & Hormozdiari Chaminade CP AH
Chaminade CA/US Kim & Barsoumian Chaminade CP KB
Chaminade CA/US Quartararo & Merchant Chaminade CP QM
CK McClatchy CA/US Fleming & Spurlock CK McClatchy FS
CK McClatchy CA/US Getahun & Burrell CK McClatchy GB
CK McClatchy CA/US Gray & Menger CK McClatchy GM
CK McClatchy CA/US Marcin & Steinhart CK McClatchy MS
CK McClatchy CA/US Reynolds & Pham CK McClatchy RP
Classical CA/US Melton & Melton Classical MM
Classical CA/US Tseng & Tai Classical TT
Damien CA/US De Jesus & Garcia Damien DG
Damien CA/US Huizar & Nasser Damien NH
Downtown Magnets CA/US AGBEDE & MARQUEZ Downtown Magnets AM
Fullerton Union CA/US Gray & Koh Fullerton Union GK
Harker CA/US Gurjar & Bhimaraju Harker GB
Harker CA/US Kuppahally & Huynh Harker KH
Harker CA/US Lee & Shah Harker LS
Harker CA/US Mann & Arora Harker MA
Harker CA/US Viradia & Wininger Harker VW
Harker CA/US Yuan & Sudeep Harker YS
Head Royce CA/US Navarro & Kopelnik Head Royce NK
Head Royce CA/US Ramaswamy & Wogan Head Royce RW
Head Royce CA/US Wong & Ignaszewski Head Royce WI
Interlake WA/US Cai & Challam Interlake CC
Interlake WA/US Feng & Young Interlake FY
Jesuit TX/US Amar & Kim Jesuit CP AK
Jesuit TX/US Ferrer-Falto & Jackson Jesuit CP FJ
Jesuit TX/US Griffiths & Nagorzanski Jesuit CP GN
Jesuit TX/US Holcombe & Moore Jesuit CP HM
Jesuit TX/US Madden & Weigman Jesuit CP MW
Jesuit TX/US Tran & Hall Jesuit CP TH
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Chacon & Ugarte Liberal Arts and Science CU
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Eckel & Wang Liberal Arts and Science EW
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Ilangovan & Jones Liberal Arts and Science IJ
Little Rock Central AR/US Doris & Fahoum Little Rock Central DF
McQueen NV/US Leutzinger & Christiansen McQueen LC
Meadows NV/US Howard & Yeager Meadows HY
Meadows NV/US Salehian & Nguyen Meadows SN
Georgetown Day DC/US Mason & Wohlstadter Mira Mason
Nevada Union CA/US Anderson & Noyes Nevada Union AN
Nevada Union CA/US Grandfield & Frost Nevada Union GF
Niles West IL/US Bat-erdene & Bennett Niles West BB
Niles West IL/US Firozabadi & Waters Niles West FW
Niles West IL/US Kintner & Whalen Niles West KW
Niles West IL/US Sejdiu & Kim Niles West SK
Northwood CA/US Hamid & Gao Northwood HG
Northwood CA/US Lee & Luo Northwood LL
OES OR/US Chang & Tsai OES CT
Peninsula CA/US Anderson & Lu Peninsula AL
Peninsula CA/US Frankwick & Wang Peninsula FW
Peninsula CA/US Michalak & Qin Peninsula MQ
Peninsula CA/US Park & Sinsioco Peninsula PS
Peninsula CA/US Parker & Yue Peninsula PY
Peninsula CA/US Sun & Tieu Peninsula ST
Polytechnic CA/US Friedman & Checcone Polytechnic FC
Polytechnic CA/US Huntsman & Ogbogu Polytechnic HO
Polytechnic CA/US Ndefo-Haven & Deschenes Polytechnic ND
Rowland Hall UT/US Beasley & Park Rowland Hall BP
Rowland Hall UT/US Frech & Lunde Rowland Hall FL
Rowland Hall UT/US Fowler & Torres Rowland Hall FT
Rowland Hall UT/US Hickman & Chase Rowland Hall HC
Rowland Hall UT/US McGraw & Doctorman Rowland Hall MD
Rowland Hall UT/US Young & Gushin Rowland Hall YG
San Marino CA/US Tran & Wen San Marino TW
SLC West UT/US Banuri & Kim SLC West BK
Sonoma CA/US Hassan & Nabavi Sonoma HN
St Vincent De Paul CA/US Birkenstock & Page St. Vincent De Paul BP
Stockdale CA/US Brar & Ipe Stockdale BI
Stockdale CA/US Hernandez & Scully Stockdale HS
Damien CA/US Tremblay & Bato Tristan Bato
University HS, Irvine CA/US Chen & Cheng University HS, Irvine CC
University HS, Irvine CA/US Liang & Lu University HS, Irvine LL
West Campus CA/US Halbo & Morioka West Campus HM