TEST kms

2023 — Cupertino, CA/US


Abbreviation IMP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Impromptu (IMP)

A spontaneous event in which competitors construct a speech given random topics, which can range from objects around the house to current events. Competitors will generally be offering analysis and commentary on social phenomena and tendencies, but have the creative liberty to present their given topic in a manner of their choosing.

  • Timing: Either 3 minutes of preparation for a 4 minute speech, OR 2 minutes of preparation for a 5 minute speech; 30 second grace period. Competitors should tell their judge of how they wish to allocate their seven minutes between time for preparation and speaking. The amount of time allocated toward preparation and speaking will not serve as an advantage or disadvantage competitively. Competitors should compete with the format they are most comfortable with.

    • Note: Impromptu competitors have been given the choice above to accommodate the differences in how Impromptu is offered across states and middle schools.

Rules/Regulations: Notes may be taken during prep time, but cannot be used or consulted by the competitor while speaking. Competitors are not allowed to consult outside resources or materials (i.e. previously taken notes, Internet, etc.) during preparation or while speaking. No props can be used. Competitors are welcome to ask judges for time signals, but are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their speeches are within the timing guidelines above. Competitors are also welcome to time themselves for their reference, though the judge’s time is official. Competitors should have their video and microphone on during prep time and while speaking.