Wichita Diocese NCFL IE Qualifier 2023

2023 — Wichita, KS/US

Dramatic Performance

Abbreviation DP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $12.00
Entry Limit Per School 3
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

The speaker must offer a memorized dramatic presentation. [or humorous] If the speaker refers to prepared notes of any kind or a script during the presentation, the speaker will be disqualified.  The presentation must be from a single published play, single published script, or single fictional or non-fictional work (not poetry). It is the affirmative obligation of all NCFL coaches to ensure that all materials presented in interpretation events must be available and readily accessible to all members of the league. Lines which are attributed to one character in a published play or script must not be attributed to another character in the performance. The author's words as published in the literature must not be altered for the presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted.  No properties or costumes of any kind may be used. Using “properties” means manipulating articles of clothing or objects to enhance the performance. Speakers using properties and/or wearing costumes will be disqualified.  Positions other than standing should not be excessive in length or dominate the performance..