2022 — Overland Park, KS/US


Abbreviation Var
Format Debate
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Limit Per School 3
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

You must be a KCKSNCFL member to attend this tournament. To do that you need to:

1. Send Tori your $50 membership fee--here is the invoice.

2. Send Carolyn your membership form (signed by your admin) via scan or text (913) 220-3358.

All KCKSNCFL members are allowed 3 policy debate teams, given they:

1. Register judges who have a paradigm on tabroom.com & can flow Varsity style debates. (This tournament historically has a flow judge pool...when there is 1 lay judge in the pool, that person tends to get upset...please help us to avoid that:))

2. Meet the Judge Quota

3. Have an adult on campus to serve as the official "coach" and "emergency judge" for the day.


1 team=2 judges

2 teams=3 judges

3 teams= 4 judges

If Tabroom tells you that you have enough judges but you have not followed this judge quota, your teams will not be entered...BE SURE YOU HAVE 1 judge per team PLUS 1 additional judge.




· 3:00 PM (ballots due at 5)

· 5:30 PM (ballots due at 7:30)

· 8:00 PM (ballots due at 10:00)

· 9:00 AM (ballots due at 11:00)

· Lunch 11:30-12

· 12:00 PM (ballots due at 2:00)

· 2:30 PM (ballots due at 4:30)

Here is the link to our bylaws.

Here is the link to the email that went out about the tournament on 11.15.