Luck of the Irish Invitational

2023 — Online, MI/US

A Bit of Blarney

Abbreviation BOB
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

A Bit of Blarney is our signature event highlighting an Irish cultural enjoyment of humor and storytelling, which involves the delivery of a humorous story, which may not necessarily be entirely true. Material may represent an interpretation of literature or an original selection.

A manuscript, notes, or book are not permitted.

Interpreters will generally wish to begin with some descriptive remarks; such information may also be used as transitional material. Introductory or transitional material is included in the time limits and may include singing, humming, or other creative approaches.

The suggested time limit for storytelling is five minutes. Presentations that do not conform to the suggested time parameters may be penalized at the discretion of the judge. Penalties are not mandatory for timing irregularities.


Suitability of Selection: Selections should reflect a reasonable standard that is appropriate for secondary school competition. The selection(s) should be adapted to the age, temperament, and capabilities of the interpreter. The selection(s) should be of the type that shows insight into human nature and creates an impact on the listener. Editing is permitted, but the author's intent must be preserved. The rewriting of a selection to change the gender of the primary characters is inconsistent with the author's intent and thus is not permitted. In interpretation events, the use of good literature should be noted favorably, and a selection devoid of literary merit should be scored accordingly.

Platform Conduct: The interpreter may gesture and move around the platform as necessary. Good interpretation requires total physical, vocal, and emotional involvement. Interpreters should identify with the characters in the scene being presented. The degree of physical expression depends on the literature; thus, the storyteller may sit or stand. The presentation should not be dominated by choreography, and movement should be appropriate to the theme of the presentation. A possible exception to this guideline may occur when the characterization requires the use of sign language.

NO hand props, decorative scripts, lighting, scenery, readers’ stands, benches, platforms, or risers are permitted. The contestant may sit and/or stand. ONLY chairs, stools, and cubes are permitted.

Oral Presentation: Original characterizations are encouraged. Sound created by only the voice and the body of the interpreter is allowed. Mechanical aids or instruments are not permitted. Singing, humming, and/or whistling must be appropriate to the theme of the presentation. Sound effects or singing should heighten and develop the literature. The interpreter should show genuine appreciation of the selection(s) and demonstrate imaginative insight into its mood and meaning. Vocal expression should communicate the relationships between ideas and should be clear and audible.

Clothing: Street attire that suggests mood and character is permissible. Costumes that are unique to the stage, such as period dress and robes, are prohibited.