Minotaur Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, AZ/US

Duo Radio Broadcasting

Abbreviation DuoRB
Format Speech
Entry Fee $2.00
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Draw Event Material prepared in draw room All contestants use the same material provided by

the tournament management.

The contestants are allowed a 30-minute period to prepare a news broadcast from the material

provided. This speech must include a minimum of three pieces of news. The speech shall be a

news broadcast with an original commercial of no fewer than 30 seconds and an editorial

commentary about a news item covered in the provided material. The editorial commentary,

which shall be an original extemporaneous editorial reflecting the opinion of the contestants on

a news story used in the presentation shall consume between 1-2 minutes of the total speech and

shall be presented in the last half of the broadcast. Students shall enter the room one team at a

time while other contestants wait outside. Judges shall sit with their backs toward the

contestants. Emphasis should be placed on presentation of the news stories, commercial and editorial

commentary with active & engaging interplay between the partners. Each partner should

present roughly ½ of the news items and commentary. A fun “running dialog" between the

partners is encouraged. Note this is not an interpretation event, but use of humor is allowed and

banter between the partners is expected. Contestants may time themselves but may not have

another (3rd) person assist with timing. Contestants must give the judge the news article that

they use for their commentary after completing their speech. 5 minute time limit.

(Hat tip: Cliff Davis)