Maxwell Wildcat Speech Tournament

2022 — Maxwell, NE/US

Duet Acting

Abbreviation DUET
Format Speech
Entry Fee $7.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Duets may use scripts for this tournament

The purpose of Duet Acting is to have two actors exercise creativity and imagination in choosing an appropriate script of theatrical value, adapting the script to the situation and time limits, and presenting the memorized scene to a contest audience.

The script may be a scene or a sequence of material. The actor may create one or more characters, and this may include a narrator/s. The characters must be developed physically and vocally.

Two classroom chairs and one table may be used to create the setting for the performance.

The scene will be judged equally on the actor’s understanding of the material, focus, stage movement, character development, and the interaction between the characters.

The performance value shall finally be determined by the believability of the actors and the performance.