9th Annual CMSF California MS Speech and Debate Championship

2019 — Santa Ana, CA/US

Rules/Event Descriptions: All events will follow SCJFL rules. For full list of event descriptions, tournament procedures, and round design, please go to SCJFL.org and click on the ABOUT US tab and click on the RULES & BY-LAWS. Please note: some tournament procedures in the by-laws are unique to this state tournament only. Such rules and procedures are marked as “CMSF,” but in the absence of such indications, all other SCJFL rules will apply. If you have any questions about rules or procedures, please feel free to reach out through the e-mail below.


Special Rules: In keeping with the SCJFL by-laws, we would like to call your attention to a few items that may be different from other tournaments. - No publication requirements for interpretation events. Students may write pieces themselves unless the event requires it, but we allow students to use literature from any source, published or non-published. - Internet access for Extemp and all debate events. Students should not use this access to confer with coaches or other direct outside sources, but may use the Internet to access articles and case files. - 5th graders are welcome! Middle school is 5th-8th grade. - SPAR times are the following: (2 prep) Pro 2; Con 2; Cross; Pro 2; Con 2 - Performative plagiarism, as outlined on page 25 of the SCJFL Rules & By-laws, prevents the “copying the performance of other performers.” Please review this section of the rules for all students entered in interpretation events. Wellness: We have designed the schedule for this tournament with great care. While we have tried to provide students with the opportunity to compete in as many events as possible, this comes at a potential risk. We ask that students carefully consider the schedule before deciding to enter multiple events. The tournament will not delay rounds for students who did not attend a round on time. Furthermore, students who insist on doing both speech and debate events may risk missing lunch breaks. Such students may want to think of creative alternatives such as bringing a lunch to the tournament. We are also concerned about the wellness of parents and coaches. We know that many teams are traveling long distances to attend this tournament, and thus we are concerned about those who might be driving late at night after such a long weekend. Please take time to consider your team’s judging schedule and provide relief for those planning to drive home at the end of the tournament. We will provide a quiet space for any drivers who would like to get some rest. Please let tournament staff know.