Airline Annual Clash of the Vikings

2019 — Bossier City, LA/US

CX Debate Advanced

Abbreviation ACX
Format Debate
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

The resolution debated shall be the topic adopted by the National Federation of High Schools for the current school year. Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

A debate team shall consist of two members debating alternate sides of the resolution.

1. No one-person team shall be allowed to compete at any time during the tournament.

2. Personnel of a team may not be changed once the tournament has begun.

3. Prep time for each debate team is eight minutes.

4. The divisions offered at the tournament shall follow the format outlined below:


1st Aff. Constructive 8 mins.

Cross Examination 3 mins.

1st Neg. Constructive 8 mins.

Cross Examination 3 mins.

2nd Aff. Constructive 8 mins.

Cross Examination 3 mins.

2nd Neg. Constructive 8 mins.

Cross Examination 3 mins.

1st Neg. Rebuttal 5 mins.

1st Aff. Rebuttal 5 mins.

2nd Neg. Rebuttal 5 mins.

2nd Aff. Rebuttal 5 mins.

The use of computers is allowed under the following conditions:

1. Students and judges may use open and available outlets in competition spaces for the purpose of charging devices. No one should unplug any previously plugged in device.

2. Connectivity from students’ computers is allowed during the round solely for the purpose of:

a. sharing documents to be read or that has been read with partners, opponents, and judges upon request

b. accessing the internet to read the full source from a provided citation

3. Any student using a computer must be prepared to show opponent, judge, or tournament staff what s/he is accessing at any time. Any student not providing a designated adult with the information they request will be disqualified.

4. Students cannot access audio, video, or other multi-media files during preparation time.

5. Airline High School does not assume any liability for the computers. Airline High School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken computers.

6. Any violation of the mentioned rules will result in the student’s immediate disqualification from this event for the tournament.