Ascent May Showcase

2023 — Taipei, TW

Public Forum

Abbreviation PF
Format Debate
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry Teams of between 1 and 4 competitors

Event Description:

    1. Don’t let personal opinion influence your vote!

    2. Let students in speech leave immediately at the end of the debate

    3. Keep the debate schedule on time! Keep verbal feedback limited based on the remaining time in the schedule. Do not give verbal feedback if there is no time remaining. DO NOT ANNOUNCE WINNERS. Give constructive feedback to improve for future rounds.

    4. If the tournament is delayed, cut prep time to two minutes.

    5. The Pro defends a case to support the resolution (debate topic). The Con opposes the resolution/debate topic.

    6. In Public Forum debate a plan is defined as a formalized, comprehensive reason for why the debate topic is correct. Rebuttals attack the case and rebuild their own case.

    7. Neither the Pro or Con side is permitted to offer a specific plan or counterplan; rather they should offer reasoning to support a position of advocacy. Debaters may offer generalized, practical solutions that are reasonable.

    8. On both sides, the Summary is given by the first Pro speaker and the Final Focus is given by the second Pro speaker. If there are three or more debaters they may divide the speeches how they wish but each debater must speak at least once.

    9. Judges should disregard new arguments introduced during Summary and Final Focus speeches. Judges should only allow new responses during Summary and Final Focus speeches if those responses address an argument first made in the immediately preceding speech. New analysis of prior arguments is allowed in rebuttal speeches.

    Cross-Fire Rules

    1. The format is intended to be question and answer and comments by debaters are restricted to advancing questions or answering an opponent’s question.

    2. Students should conduct themselves in a civil and professional manner during the cross-fire – crossfire is intended to help clarify the debate for the judge and is not intended to be a verbal brawl.

    3. In cross-fire, the team who finished speaking receives the first question.

    4. In the first two cross-fires, both participating debaters may ask and answer questions of the other. Only the speakers indicated above may participate.

    5. Grand Cross-fire: All four debaters may participate. All may ask and answer questions.

Debate Times Minutes
Pro Case 4
Con Case 4
Cross-fire 3
Pro Rebuttal 4
Con Rebuttal 4
Cross-fire 3
Pro Summary 3
Con Summary 3
Grand Cross-fire 3
Pro Final Focus 2
Con Final Focus 2
Pro Prep Time 3
Con Prep Time 3