ShenVaFL 3

2022 — Harrisonburg, VA/US

Lincoln-Douglas JV

Abbreviation LDJV
Format Debate
Resolved: The People’s Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Lincoln Douglas Debate is a one-on-one debate and is primarily focused on competing values. Every two months, a resolution is decided upon by coaches across the nation and it is debated at most tournaments within that two-month period. Resolutions generally take the form in which two values are pitted against each other. After an examination of these resolutions, underlying values will emerge. Debaters then write cases (the affirmative should write a 6-minute case and the negative should write a 3 and 1/2 minute case) that they present and continue the debate in the form of spontaneous rebuttals that should not bring up any new arguments that weren't already addressed in the cases. In ShenVaFL, LD Debate is Junior Varsity (first or second year) and Varsity (third year and up). Of course, it is a coach's prerogative as to whether or when someone should be advanced as these are more along the lines of suggestions as opposed to hard and fast rules.