South Shore December Speech Tournament

2022 — Online, NY/US


Abbreviation Prose
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

The maximum time limit is 5 minutes with a 30-second “grace period.”  Performances must be from a manuscript (which may be in a folder). Reading from a book or magazine is not permitted.

1. Prose: Prose expresses thought through language recorded in sentences and paragraphs: fiction (short stories, novels) and non-fiction (articles, essays, journals, biographies).

2. Poetry: Poetry is writing which expresses ideas, experience, or emotion through the creative arrangement of words according to their sound, their rhythm, their meaning. Poetry may rely on verse and stanza form.

3. Selections: Only published, printed works may be used. No plays or other dramatic materials may be used. In Supplemental Prose, if the source is an anthology collection of short stories or novels, each selection of literature is independent and only one selection can be used, even if it is from the same author. In Supplemental Poetry, selections must be cuttings from a single source. If an anthology collection of poems is used as the single source, the cutting may incorporate multiple poems by an author or a variety of authors.