DSDL 4 Cape Fear HS

2023 — Fayetteville, NC/US

Dramatic Performance

Abbreviation DP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $15.00
Entry Limit Per School 12
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

A. Purpose

The speaker must offer a memorized dramatic presentation. The presentation may either be serious or humorous and should have some literary merit. Important consideration should be given to the quality of the selection.

B. Length

The time limit is ten minutes with a 30-second “grace period.” If there are multiple judges in the round, all must agree that the student has gone beyond the grace period. Should a student go beyond the grace period, the student may not be ranked 1st. There is no other prescribed penalty for going over the grace period. The ranking is up to each individual judge’s discretion. Judges who chose to time are to use accurate (stopwatch function) timing devices. No minimum time is mandated

C. Material

Dramatic Performance follows the Publication Guidelines in By-Law 21.

D. Performance

While singing is permitted, it should not be excessive or dominate the performance. Judges’ ranks may reflect if singing has dominated the performance. Single or multiple character cuttings will be allowed. When doing a multiple-characterization the performer should create effective interaction between the characters. Although this is primarily a display of vocal ability, body language will play a part in the overall performance, and since it is a drama, more vocal and physical suggestion may be required in order to portray characters, conflict, and story. However, no physical action should be performed that will distract the listeners’ attention from the drama being presented. The performance should display another world outside the performance setting. Positions other than standing should be excessive in length or dominate the performance. No properties or costumes of any kind may be used. Using “properties” means manipulating articles of clothing or objects to enhance the performance. Speakers using properties and/or wearing costumes will be disqualified.

E. Re-Use

A student may not use a cutting from a work of literature the student used in any previous contest year. A student entered in two events (Dramatic Performance and Duo Interpretation) may not use the same selection of literature in both events.