Washburn Rural Debate Invitational

2022 — Topeka, KS/US

Varsity Debate

Abbreviation Var
Format Debate
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

The Varsity Division at the Washburn Rural Invitational is for your most experienced debaters who are seeking collegiate style debates in front of highly qualified judges. Debates in this division will span a course of 3 days, with late elimination rounds on Sunday. Any school who enters teams in this division will be required to submit a qualified judge or enter a request to hire a qualified judge from our available pool of alumni. Judge hires will cost 25 dollars a round. The varsity division this year will also be doing judge preferences, which will be opened the Monday (9/12) of the tournament and will be due by Friday (9/16) at noon. We are instituting a tournament cap of four entries in this division for the time being. Any additional entry in the varsity division will be waitlisted until such a time that our schedule and breaks can be determined. Every team in the division will require 3 rounds of judging. All judges will be obligated for the first elimination debate, and any team clearing will have judges obligated one round past their elimination.

We are proud to announce that the finalists of this year's varsity division will receive a bid to the to the Tournament of Champions. Along with the TOC bids granted to the finalists, Washburn Rural is also designated as a qualification tournament for the Kansas Debate Coaches Invitational in early January.

The entry fees for this division are slightly higher than the other divisions. In the spirit of full transparency, that cost is higher for two reasons. First is that the division lasts for three days. Second is that entries in the varsity division will have an expanded set of awards. We have chosen to not increase entry fees to cover meals this year, and instead people can coordinate their orders through tabroom and we will do a group order for all divisions.