BDL March 13 Tournament

2022 — NY/US

MS Impromptu

Abbreviation MSIMPR
Format Speech
Entry Fee $15.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Each speaker will draw 2 topics from a set held by the judge. The speaker will choose one immediately, and will have 5 minutes to divide as he/she/they choose between preparation and speaking time. The topics will be chosen from a wide variety of categories. (It is recommended that students take at least 30 seconds to gather their thoughts and prepare before they start speaking.)

MS Impromptu speakers may use a note card of any kind.

The best impromptu speech combines clear thinking, effective delivery, obvious organization and an interesting presentation to address some central aspect of the chosen topic. The speaker should strive to make maximum speaking use of the 5 minutes of allotted time, with minimal time given to preparation. The speaker will be held accountable to strict adherence to the topic, and shall be heavily penalized for wandering too far afield. The speaker should demonstrate knowledge of the subject and should display appropriate analysis and synthesis of material. Delivery should be comfortable and direct. The speaker’s personal point of view should not be factored into the judge’s decision.