TEST Tournament Kennedy Speech

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Spontaneous Argumentation

Abbreviation SPAR
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR)

A spontaneous debate on a given resolution with limited preparation, formatted as a Speech event (competitors will be ranked numerically, with 1 as the highest rank). Competitors are assigned to either the affirmative or negative side of the given resolution, then debate after one minute of preparation through two speeches per speaker, and a cross-examination between sides. Competitors will be judged on the basis of persuasion, logic, argumentation, and delivery.

  • Timings:

    • 1 min: Preparation time for both sides

    • 1 min: Affirmative constructive

    • 1 min: Negative constructive

    • 4 min: Cross-examination

    • 1 min: Negative conclusion

    • 1 min: Affirmative conclusion

  • Procedures: Competitors will be paired up to debate by speaker order (i.e. speaker 1 vs speaker 2, speaker 3 vs speaker 4, etc.), and swaps in match-ups to accommodate double-entries may be made per the judge’s discretion. The judge will facilitate a coin toss to assign the side each speaker will be arguing (affirmative or negative). The judge will then paste the resolution into chat, and each speaker will have 1 minute to prepare their arguments. After the 1 minute of preparation time has elapsed, the speakers will commence in their debate per the timings outlined above.

  • Cross-Examination: During cross-examination, only the two speakers are to speak (no interjections by the judge or other competitors). The allocation of speaking time between competitors is not defined, though judges will note competitors who try to dominate the time by preventing the other competitor from speaking. Competitors are expected to remain respectful in their debate, exchanging questions and responses that effectively further their arguments.

  • Rules/Regulations: Judges will provide time signals, and competitors are permitted to time themselves for their reference if they so choose (though judges keep the official time). Once the time for a given speech has elapsed, the judge will cut off the speaker. Competitors are permitted to take notes to flow their opponent’s arguments, and will not be penalized for referencing such notes while they speak.