Lake Creek Dobie Swing TFA NIETOC TOC Tournament in person

2022 — Dobie High School, TX/US

World Schools

Abbreviation WSD
Format World Schools Debate
Entry Fee $25.00
Entry Teams of between 3 and 5 competitors

Event Description:

Here is the Worlds schedule, We will only have quarters if the numbers justify it (as an FYI).

Round 1: Impromptu

Round 2: This house would hold social media companies to the same libel standards as traditional forms of media for the content they publish

Round 3: This house would ban consumer-focused advertising for prescription drugs

Round 4: This House regrets the increased focus of higher education on STEM at the expense of the liberal arts

Quarters (if needed): Impromptu

Semis: This house would ban combat drones

Finals: Impromptu