BG Vette City Junior Virtual Speech Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, KY/US

Improv Duo

Abbreviation IP2
Format Speech
Entry Fee $12.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

********Judge Notice********

In an effort ensure fairness in judging practices, KHSSL has standardized the point values given to student performances. Please use the following rubric in order to assign point values to each student performance. Students may not receive the same point value. Students may not receive more points than an individual more highly ranked. Judges are strongly encouraged to justify the reason for the rating on the ballot.

Point Value



Excellent performance: Student/s demonstrated a great command of the performance and understanding of the material. Excellent use of speech habits (eye contact, gestures, vocal clarity, very few stumbles, etc.). “I really liked this! I would definitely watch it again.”


Good performance: Student/s demonstrated a good command of the performance and understanding of the material. Good use of speech habits (eye contact, gestures, vocal clarity, a few stumbles, etc.). Student/s may lack a bit of energy or emotional variety. “Hey, this is pretty ok. I would watch this again.”


Average performance: Student/s somewhat demonstrated a command of the performance and understanding of the material. Some observation of speech habits (eye contact, gestures, vocal clarity, a few stumbles, etc.). Student/s lacks some energy or emotional variety. “I enjoyed this, but I bet it would be even better with a bit more practice. I would love to see the performance again in the future.”


Performance needs some improvement: Student/s demonstrated a little command of the performance and understanding of the material. Growth needed in basic speech habits (eye contact, gestures, vocal clarity, etc.) and/or quite a few stumbles. Student/s lacking energy or emotional variety in performance. “Definitely putting forth effort but needs a bit more practice. I would like to see this later in the season.”

79 and Below

Needs significant improvement: Student/s did not demonstrate a command of performance or understanding of the material. Good speech habits not practiced (little or no eye contact, lack of memorization, few or no gestures, vocal clarity problems, many stumbles, etc.). Student/s may have behaved inappropriately (inattentive, on phone, deliberately distracting, etc.). Student/s lacks energy or emotional variety. “I feel that this performance would benefit from additional coaching and/or the student/s may need some more time with the material.”

IMPROVISATIONAL DUO—Junior and Senior Divisions

Judge Instructions


  1. In this event involving limited preparation, two students create and present a performance portraying two characters. Preparation time for Improvisational Duo is three minutes for senior division and five minutes for junior division. Setting up the chairs, when used, is part of preparation time. Preparation time is separate from performance time.

  1. The time limit for the performance is six minutes. There is a fifteen-second grace period, after which the student must be dropped in rank/rating. No violation of the grace period in Regional/State Quarterfinal, Semifinal, or Final rounds may result in disqualification. No performance violating the grace period may receive ‘1’ in the round.

  1. TIME SIGNALS DURING THE PERFORMANCE ARE REQUIRED. The count-down method is required. In this method, the judge holds up a number of fingers indicating the number of minutes remaining out of the six minute performance time limit.

  1. No make-up, costumes, props, or lighting are permitted, but two chairs may be used. Doors and walls are considered props. Each performer may portray ONE and only ONE character during the scene; dialogue must be equally shared over the course of the scene. An introduction by one or both students is required to set the scene, and a resolution of the conflict must be evident at the end of the scene.

  1. Profanity, sexual innuendo, and/or excessive physicality will result in the performance being marked last in the round.

Judge Guidelines

  1. The scene must be a self-contained unit holding together a story itself. Students must resolve the conflict presented in the topic.

  1. The suitability of the material to the maturity level of the performer should be considered.

Criteria for Judging

  1. Introduction of Selection

Was there adequate information to set the scene? Innovative introductions should not be discouraged.

  1. Teamwork and Characterization

Was there evidence of effective timing, cue work, and rhythm? Was there evidence of character analysis and understanding? Were the characters clearly delineated?

  1. Blocking and Stage Movement

Did the scene move appropriately and effectively? Was the use of movement, gestures, and business in evidence as the scene and characterization developed?

  1. Line Delivery

Were the actors clearly understandable? Did the actors adapt to the size of this room?

  1. Resolution and Effectiveness of Scene

Was there a sense of wholeness and total dramatic effect in the scene? Was a resolution of the conflict obvious at the end of the scene?