Castle Classic NIETOC Bid at Greeley Central

2021 — NSDA Campus & Zoom, CO/US

Congressional Debate (Synchronous)

Abbreviation CONG
Format Congress
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry Limit Per School 20
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

TOURNAMENT WEBSITE FOR HELP & INFORMATION for judges, coaches, & competitors:

The judge will determine the top 3 speakers in the round at the conclusion of the entire session (roughly 4 hours). You should make your decision based on how the student contributed overall to the chamber. You should base your decision on decorum, speaking ability, participation in the asking and/or answering of questions, command of parliamentary procedure, and overall presence in the debates.

Please show patience and grace to the students as we embark on this online tournament adventure. Do not penalize or reward students based on the quality or lack of quality that exists with their technology.


Notes for competitors and judges:

- Award winners will be chosen by the judge, there will not be a student vote.

- Judges will be instructed to pick the best overall congressional debater. They will be looking at the quality of speeches & questions, command of parliamentary procedure, decorum, and overall contribution to the chamber.

- NO ADDITIONAL legislation or WALK-ON legislation will be accepted.

- Last PO standing is acknowledged as the PO. Give up the gavel at your own risk.

- There is NO SUCH THING as impeaching a PO in high school congressional debate.

- Please don’t play silly games; please take this seriously and engage in appropriate and awesome discourse.