The Coyote Howl

2020 — Caldwell, ID/US

Open International Public Debate

Abbreviation OIPDA
Format Debate
Entry Fee $35.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Divisions: We plan to offer a Junior and Open Division, given an appropriate number of entries to sustain two divisions.

Procedural Issues: IPDA Debate is a forum designed to enhance education through the laboratory of productive “real world” competitive debate experiences. IPDA debates are intended to provide rhetorically sound models of communicative debate and interaction. We ask that competitors and critics defer to this intent and the rules which govern the activity that can be found at: Judges will be randomly assigned and, consistent with IPDA rules, may include “lay judges.”

Disclosure: Following the return of the ballot, critics may disclose as much or as little information as they see fit so long as it does not interfere with the tournament schedule. Delays caused by coaches/judges may, at the tournament director’s discretion, result in penalties to that school’s teams including removal from the tournament. We don’t want to do it, so don’t put us in a position where we would want to do it.

Topic Draw and Prep: Topic draw will be conducted at a central location and will begin once all debaters are present. Debaters who are not present at the scheduled draw time may forfeit their ability to participate in topic strikes. Debaters assigned to the negative will be given first strike. Each debater will have 30 minutes of prep time. There will not be pre-assigned prep rooms; debaters and coaches are asked to respect other tournament events that may be running concurrently with IPDA.