DSDL 2 Cumberland Polytechnic HS

2019 — Fayetteville, NC/US

Oral Interpretation

Abbreviation OI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $13.00
Entry Limit Per School 12
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Oral Interpretation of Literature:

1) The speaker shall prepare two programs of manuscript-based literature substantially different in content, author, and/or original source. Each program shall consist of a single piece, a cutting, or a series of short pieces united by author or theme. One program shall be published prose; the other, published poetry. If questioned, the genre of the selection must be specified in the original manuscript or must be verifiable by a simple Internet search. If using a series of pieces, all titles and authors must be cited. The performer has the burden to be clear at all times which piece is being used. In the prepared script, the pieces should be clearly delineated via highlighting or font style and spacing to enable review in case of a protest. It is the affirmative obligation of all NCFL coaches to ensure that all materials presented in interpretation events must be available and readily accessible to all members of the league. At the NCFL tournament, coaches should bring an original script with an ISBN, ISSN, or IFFN, or eBook Number and Library Name. If the script does not have an ISBN, ISSN, or IFFN, or eBook Number and Library Name, the coach or supervising adult must be able to show that the script was purchased or obtained commercially; ie. from a literary agent or publisher or bill of sale or that the manuscript is publicly accessible by a simple internet search or by a URL not requiring passwords or access codes and the retrieval date. Each program must contain an introduction for purposes of explication, setting, or selection transitions. Lines attributed to one character in the published source must not be attributed to another character in the performance. The author's words as published in the literature must not be altered for the presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. Material being performed at the NCFL tournament must match the student’s original script.

2) The literature chosen may include any form of prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Drama, including theatrical monologues, is prohibited. Speeches written to be delivered in real-life are prohibited.

3) No properties except a manuscript or binder may be used. Using “properties” means manipulating articles of clothing or objects to enhance the performance. Speakers using properties and/or wearing costumes will be disqualified.

4) Speakers should keep eye contact between audience and manuscript in reasonable balance. Speakers who fail to maintain the illusion of reading from the manuscript must not be ranked first.

5) Speakers should keep gesture and bodily movement to a minimum. The selection should be delivered from center stage. Movement and gestures, if used, should be appropriate to the selection. Speakers should not walk during performances. They should emphasize vocal variety and facial expression to enhance the literary interpretation. While singing is permitted, it should not be excessive or dominate the performance. Judges’ ranks may reflect if singing has dominated the performance. Only the performers’ feet may touch the ground.

6) Speakers may use a persona, and they may use character voices, but they are not necessary.

7) Important consideration should be given to the quality of the selection.

8) Time limits: Maximum - 10 minutes. This includes at most 1 minute of introductory and transition material other than the author's words. If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period, that contestant must not be awarded first place. No minimum time.