Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament

2019 —

Georgia Northern Mountain District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
District Tournament, All Events
Dunwoody High School
Dunwoody, GA
Fri 2/1 Sat 2/2

District Application to Host 2020 Tournament


GA Northern Mountain District NSDA Qualifying Tournament
January 31 – February 1, 2020



Thank you for your interest in hosting the district qualifying tournament! Applications to host the tournament are due to the district chair by Monday, September 30, 2019. Your district committee will review all applications to host and announce the winning school by end of September 2019. This year’s district committee is comprised of the following coaches: Steven Wang – North Hall HS (chair), Charity Wang – RW Johnson HS, Mario Herrera – Grady HS, David Gay – Dunwoody HS, and Jamie Wills – Cherokee HS.


In the interests of thoroughness, fairness, and inclusion, your committee chose to formalize the host process to include all interested parties.  Attached, you will find all requirements, information, and timeline for the bid to host the qualifying tournament for our district.  The committee will review all bids submitted to determine their compliance with these instructions.  The instructions following will serve as the basis for evaluating competing bids to ensure that the member school can make commitments and follow through on them for the NSDA Georgia Northern Mountain District speech and debate community to provide a successful, efficient, and enjoyable weekend for all participants.


1)     The GA Northern Mountain NSDA District Tournament is a two-day tournament hosted early February every year.  This year’s tournament is January 31 and February 1, 2020.


2)     All bids must be sent to the District Chair of the Committee, Steven Wang, via email ( by September 20th.  The committee urges serious applicants to submit applications as soon as possible.

3)     The committee may prepare questions for any and all bidders.  These questions will be submitted by the District Chair of the Committee.  The committee can use the answers to these questions as the basis for further selection or deselection.


4)     The committee will announce the selection of the qualifying tournament host by the end of September 2019.

5)     The committee will provide the selected host school registration fee waivers and financial assistance for hospitality.


6)     The host school can earn a $500 stipend in exchange for providing excess judging (8 full judges).






NON NEGOTIABLE: Internet Access: The host will be required to provide wireless internet access for competitors and judges.  Internet users must be able to access Google (and Gmail).


Competition Rooms: A MINIMUM of 50 rooms suitable for speech and debate competitions. In counting your available rooms, remember not to count any which will not be available for security reasons such as computer labs.


Based on 2019 tournament numbers:

-        10 rooms for Lincoln Douglas Debate             - 6 rooms for Public Forum Debate

-        9 rooms for Big Questions Debate                   - 2 rooms for Policy Debate

-        2 (large) rooms for Congressional Debate        - 11 rooms for speech events

-        4 rooms International and US Extemp            - 1 (large) Extemp prep room (near tab room)

-        1 room for Tabulation (near copier)                 - Judge’s Lounge for 75 adults


Tabulation Room: Have placed a table with four chairs outside the tab room for registration by 4:00pm on Friday.


Cafeteria: The school’s cafeteria should be secured for students and concessions.


Extra Judges: (NON NEGOTIABLE!) The host school must provide a MINIMUM of five judges.  This is IN ADDITION to the team’s normal judge quota based on entries. It would be appreciated by the committee if the host can exceed this number.


Judge’s Lounge: The host school is responsible for providing a judges/coaches hospitality lounge with drinks/snacks, dinner Friday night, and lunch Saturday. The host school can be reimbursed up to $300 for the costs of providing hospitality upon submission of receipts to the district committee treasurer.


Photocopier: Easy access to a reliable, high capacity machine, with paper.


School Official with Keys: This person must be on call and available throughout the tournament to unlock and relock rooms assigned to the tournament as needed. Friday, rooms should be unlocked and ready for use at 4:00, and school can be locked up by 10pm (possibly sooner) each night. School must be opened by 7:00am on Saturday.


Financial Incentive to Host the District Tournament:  The host school has two potential areas to make a profit.

1)     Excess Judging Payment:  If the host school can provide excess judging beyond the five required – at least eight total full judges, the school is eligible for a $500 host stipend. Judges must not be affiliated with the host school. School could contact and train judges from local toastmasters and/or optimist clubs. Local colleges and their communications directors could also be of assistance.

2)     Concessions: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast items and lunch sales:  The host school is responsible for selling concessions and any dinner/lunch choices for students which provides opportunity for profit.

Name and address of potential host school: ____________________________________________________


Total custodial fees for Friday night and Saturday: ______________________________________________

Total security fees for Friday night and Saturday: _______________________________________________

Signatures below indicate the potential host school will comply with all of the above requirements:

Coach: ___________________________________________________

Principal: _________________________________________________