Sheridan Yellow Jacket Tournament

2019 — Sheridan, AR/US

Congress Bills

Round 1:

Item 11: A Bill to Prohibit Discriminatory Data Practices to Protect Americans

Item 18: A Resolution to Allow American Samoans to Attain Citizenship

Item 24: A Resolution to Protect Digital Privacy


Round 2:

Item10: A Resolution to Ratify UNCLOS

Item 16: A Bill to Make Voting in Federal Elections Compulsory to Strengthen Democratic Institutions in the US

Item 19: The GAN Regulation Act of 2019



Item 2: A Resolution to Fund Mexico's Immigration System

Item 3: A Resolution to Improve Safety of Medical Devices

Item 5: A Resolution to Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests

Item 14: A Bill to Limit Vaccine Exemptions to Reinforce Herd Immunity

Item 17: A Resolution to Further Assist Albania with Its Human Trafficking Issue

Item 25: A Bill to Fund Infrastructure to Conserve Natural Gases