Sheridan Yellow Jacket Tournament

2019 — Sheridan, AR/US

Important Information

Welcome to the Sheridan Yellow Jacket Tournament!  We are so happy you have decided to spend your Saturday with us.  There are a few things you need to know before you arrive.

First, we will be sharing our building with a volleyball tournament.  The tournament will be held in our new arena and our downstairs gym.  Please encourage your students to stay out of these areas between rounds.  We are diligently working to make sure both events can run seamlessly and individual from each other.  That being said, there will be times that music will be played in our arena.  We will advise the judges to take this into consideration and adjust events accordingly.  Again, we will try to prevent any interruptions if at all possible.

Second, parking will occur in our arena parking lot.  Please have your bus driver park towards the rear.  We will have registration in our foyer and direct students to our cafeteria/prep room. We will sell breakfast concessions until 11:30.  Lunch and snacks will be sold the remainder of the day. Please, no outside food or drinks.  All food items, aside from water, should remain in the cafeteria ONLY.  Please let your students know this.

Our famous taco bar will return for the hospitality room.  We will have breakfast items, snacks, and other goodies for our judges, coaches, and drivers.  Please remind them to enjoy the hospitality room between rounds!

Finally, we are very proud of our new school.  There are several innovative opportunities Sheridan has to offer students.  Please remind your students to remain in the cafeteria between rounds.  There are charging stations and lounge areas that are available for them to use, as well.  We want to be able to continue to host our tournament and hope to continue to see it grow in the future.  Your diligence in helping us protect our building will do that!

Let me know if you have any questions!  We cannot wait to kick off this Debate Season!

-Twyla Evans