Malcolm A Bump Memorial Tournament

2017 — NY/US

Alayne Ashman Paradigm

Not Submitted

Eli Avellino Paradigm

Not Submitted

Daniel Brakewood Paradigm

Not Submitted

Kara Burke Paradigm

Have fun and do your best.

I don't flow cross fire.

Everything in your final must have been said in summary for me to flow it. I handle speed well, but speak clearly.

I will not intervene in the round to make a decision unless the round was somewhat of a wash and can't be decided without it. Please don't make me have to do that.

Weigh as much as possible, otherwise I'll have to weigh the round myself and you'll probably disagree with the way I do it.


30: Debating at a varsity level as a novice. Great speaking and great coverage of the flow.

29: Debating very well at the novice level. Above average coverage of the flow and above average speaking

28: Debating slightly above the novice level. Overall, a good speaker and debater, but they make a few common novice mistakes throughout the round.

27: Debating at the novice level. Makes a lot of mistakes, but hey that's the learning curve.

26: The debater is doing the bare minimum when it comes to flow coverage and speaking.

25: The debater is being mean or unprofessional, or can't be understood.

Any lower means you probably punched someone and that's not good.


One of you won't agree with my decision, but that's life.


Christopher Castaldi-Moller Paradigm

Not Submitted

Rishab Gupta Paradigm

Not Submitted

Noah Jacobs Paradigm

Not Submitted

Ava Kaufman Paradigm

Not Submitted

Juha Korpela Paradigm

I require a natural pace of speech. Machine gun style delivery will be ignored.

I want each team to show judgement in choosing *three* main arguments and justifying them with solid logic.

I discard statements of facts that do not come with credible references and contradict my prior knowlege.

I typically do not decide based on the idea of 'on balance' as often one cannot aggregate over pros and cons but usually there is one dominating argument.

Christopher Mignano Paradigm

Not Submitted

Tina Moon-Lee Paradigm

Not Submitted

Jordy Portugal Paradigm

Not Submitted

Ted Reiner Paradigm

I do debate. I enjoy debate.
I will judge solely on the flow. 


You may go as fast as you want. 

Also will bump speaks if you bring me coffee. Black, por favor. 


Evan Rosenbaum Paradigm

Not Submitted

Alice Sackey Paradigm

I am interested in clear and logical debates.  Evidence should be used to support but should not drive the argument.

The quality of evidence trumps quantity. I am looking for warrants that logically tie strong evidence to the claim. 

Civility is a must during crossfire. While sarcasm is appreciated snark is not.

The pace should be deliberate. Speaking too fast or too slow is not preferred.  if I can't understand you, or the pace drags it will count against you.

Timeliness is important,  going over time constraints will count against you.


As a historian, historical parallels are always a bonus.

Fred Wohlers Paradigm

Not Submitted

Joshua Wurzman Paradigm

Not Submitted