Brooklyn Debate League 5

2020 — Brooklyn, NY/US

Alyssa Alves-Bracken Paradigm

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Bianca Arce Paradigm

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Christina Benjamin Paradigm

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Galilee Best Paradigm

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Jeremy Collado Paradigm

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Maria Friss Paradigm

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Abigail Mayer Paradigm

8 rounds

I'm a senior at Poly Prep and I having been debating on the national circuit since freshman year. I use she/her/hers pronouns.

~PLEASE let me know before the round if there is anything I can do to make the round more accessible to you. you can either message me on facebook or talk to me before the round and I will 100% do my best to give you the best experience possible.~

anything racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc. is an auto L25


Have fun! I do a lot of debate so I will evaluate the round based exclusively on the arguments made by both teams. Let me know if you have any questions!


email is - please add me to the email chain

tldr; typical flow judge, tech > truth, be nice people, etc.

Speed is fine, pls send a speech doc if you are going over ~300 wpm

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CUT CARDS evidence ethics in this activity are actual ass, if you hand me a highlighted section of a 400 page pdf I'm handing it back to you, but with that said I think calling for evidence is pretty interventionist and will only do it if you tell me to

Extensions are of the utmost importance to me - i will not vote on an argument that does not have uniqueness, link, internal link, and impact extended in all necessary speeches (ie. backhalf) and sufficient warrant extension is well. Without all of these parts, you are not making an argument. I will not do work for you. Especially when it comes to lower level varsity/JV and novice rounds, 95% of the time I vote for the team with the best extended argument. Other than that, I look to the best weighed impact first

Second rebuttal must frontline turns, defense doesn't have to be frontlined but I highly recommend responding to all defense on whatever you are going for

Defense that was frontlined MUST be in first sum, defense that wasn't frontlined in 2nd rebuttal doesn't need to be but I recommend it

I really like weighing start weighing early (this does not just mean "we outweigh on scope bc we affect more ppl" - prereqs, short circuits, and comparative and metaweighing etc. are where its at)

K's and theory are fun and cool, I haven't read very much K lit and don't have a ton of experience with progressive args but I have hit some and read some and like probably know how to evaluate things kind of? but like explain everything to me like I'm dumb bc I'm prob really tired and also I am dumb. also pls pls pls do not read progressive args if ur opponents are not comfortable with it - thats mean and exclusionary which is no bueno - My threshold for responses to progressive args is prob pretty low, esp if you are reading a shell and your opponents don't necessarily respond in like the technically correct way but like if they say things that are responsive I'll flow it

New in the 2 undecided

offtime roadmaps are dumb just tell me which flow you are starting on and then signpost

please collapse

Victoria Vittorioso Paradigm

8 rounds

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Javon Williams Paradigm

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Alina Yu Paradigm

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