Brooklyn Debate League 5

2020 — Brooklyn, NY/US

Daniel Baran Paradigm

8 rounds

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Clayton Blose Paradigm

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Emma Buchanan Paradigm

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Taylor Donohue Paradigm

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Margaret Iuni Paradigm

8 rounds

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Danise Kimball Paradigm

For PF:

I am fine with speed. I flow and expect teams to extend tags, evidence and warrants. I won't flow dropped arguments in later speeches. I also expect teams to follow NSDA evidence rules. I am open to theory on disclosure, paraphrasing and powertagging. Evidence shenanigans in FF will earn low speaks.

Let's all be nice and generous and kind. I believe good PF debate should be a relaxed exchange of ideas as opposed to suppressed (or not) rage.

Don't give speeches during crossfire. Ask questions. And I prefer you ask questions in a way that is super chill.

Don't try to shake my hand--I'm not a germophobe...I just don't think debate should be teaching kids to be oily suck-ups.

For LD and Policy

****Disclosure on the Wiki is encouraged. Please add me to the email chain: ****

I can handle a fair amount of speed but haven't been judging much LD/Policy lately so if you blaze, you may lose me. It helps me a lot if you make it clear when you are ending a card. I will say "clear" if I can't understand and "slow down" if I can't keep up.

For LD

I am not a traditional LD judge so please don't tell me your value. I am open to plans, K, Theory, etc. Slow down for theory shells and K alts, especially if they are novel. I am much more likely to vote for an argument that has been well explained. I am less technical in the sense that arguments that do not have a clear story with warrants won't always win a round even if they got under-covered or dropped.

In general, I am probably more likely to vote on kritiks on debate space and theory arguments than some judges. I will do RVI's in LD but I don't love them. I feel like policy has better mechanisms that make RVI's unnecessary.

For Policy:

Clash is good. K's are great if they are well argued. Please slow down for interp and alt. Same for theory shells. I am only going to go back to the speech doc if I look at a card.

Warrants matter a lot to me and I want to see the warrants explained and extended.

I like theory. Probably not voting condo bad tho.

Please don't clip cards or Powertag.

Kelly Kitchens Paradigm

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Katie Sammis Paradigm

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Traci Lyn Thomas Paradigm

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