Heart of Texas Invitational hosted by St Marks

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US
JVLD Paradigm List
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Gerard Grigsby Marlborough School 6 rounds
Anita Gutta Newman Smith 4 rounds
Lei Huang Carnegie Vanguard High School 3 rounds
Serena Jones Wilcox High School 2 rounds
Eva Lamberson Hathaway Brown School 2 rounds
Feng Liang The Village High School 3 rounds
Shampurna Mitra Carrollwood Day School 6 rounds
EZE N Dwight-Englewood School 6 rounds
Abhived Pulapaka Athenian School 6 rounds
Deja Thomas Jordan High School 6 rounds
Victor McKinley Thoms Millard North High School 5 rounds
Zi Wang Eastern Middle School 6 rounds